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Martin Burrett

vCard on Business Card with QR Code - 42 views

    A useful QR-maker site where you can encode a business card, website link or plain text.

Evernote for Schools | Evernote - 41 views

  • Educational Pricing Qualified educational institutions can purchase Evernote Business at a discounted rate of 75% off of the standard yearly rate. Discount pricing is only available for groups of 5 or more users and billable monthly via credit card or yearly via either invoice or credit card. First check the country drop down list to see if the education discount for Evernote Business is available in your country. For additional information about using Evernote for Business at your school visit our knowledge base.

Custom QR Code Generator - Free & Premium plans - Unitag - 44 views

    Create and customize your own QR code for free. QR codes can link to a weblink, text, business card, send email, geolocation, phone, and calendar wi-fi network.
mmdenne - 9 views

    • mmdenne
      There are moany online businesses on facebook. I can't even begin to htink about the number of people selling Rodan and Fields, 31, etc... - My negihbor works n the prison and she still can't have a cell phone - You have ti be careful what you ike and don't like because that could look bad to potential employrs. You have tore realize that your posts are seen by everyone. Ha! Line 23 just said wthe same thing! - Why can't stuents, exmployees, have personel lives and live them on facebook. How you are in a social speace does not define you as an employee, students, etc... Okay- this background- checking service that takes pictures and keeps themfor 7 years is skechy! - It is scary to think that anything we post can be used by anyone for any purpose.
    • mmdenne
      Really? We are monitored if we type in a cerain term? Pork seems abit scary in that a certain group is clearly being targeted here. - I do like the advanteages soical media can bring to horrific siutation: missing children. thefts, etc... It can really help people find who they are looking for: parents looking for birth children, etc... -- Streaming in our own state on facebook of cop shooting F"Facebook holds the cards , and its citizens have little recourse- other than to leave the service entirely." ( ) scary! page 9 - ads on facebook r targeted to us for what we search which is unsettling. Facebook knows alot about me! - Where do companies like Spokeo get all of our information??? Ahh- okay I see. But because they claim they are out there for entertainment that do not have to be accurate and can post that stuff??
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