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N Butler

educationalwikis - Examples of educational wikis - 82 views

    Get source for educational wiki's

Introducing the Editable Website wiki type - 70 views

    new options for converting a wikispace, now called a basic wiki, into an editable website. Can publish a classroom wiki once work is completed to a website to share with a wider audience. Looks like it has lots of potential for classroom teachers.

Wikis | Common Craft - 66 views

    Awesome sight that provides simple video tutorials

Wikispaces - Wikis for Teachers - 85 views

    • hollandchris
      Wikispaces is a power online collaborative tool.  Giving students the opportunity to collaborate on assignments is something I have been looking to expand on in my lessons.  I want to allow collaborative opportunities for my students, as it is a skill that will be necessary in their post secondary endeavors.  Wikispaces seems to be just what I have been looking for.  Wikispaces will allow for accountable online collaboration that I can easily direct and moderate.
    free, private, secure space for educators
    Free space to set up your class WIKIs. Excellent place for class collaboration and organization. One of those "I can't do without this" tools.
Ann Steckel

Georgia Tech Invokes FERPA, Cripples School's Wikis | Hack Education - 182 views

    hhhmm, this doesn't bode well for those of us who already have classroom style blogs stretching back several semesters....
    this is, indeed, a step backwards in regards to the applications of technology in education.

Wikis in the Classroom: Three Ways to Increase Student Collaboration - Faculty Focus | ... - 200 views

    I've long said that professors who want to explore teaching with technology should begin with a social media tool rather than a Learning Management System. Web 2.0 tools are simple to use, invite student collaboration, and are usually less administratively clunky and complex than an LMS.One of the easiest and most powerful tools is the regular old wiki. Wikis are simply web pages that can be edited by their users. Instead of only carrying content from the administrator, they harness the power of crowdsourcing to create a powerful communal resource.
Justin Lamoureux

Projects: A better way to work in classroom groups - 130 views

    Learn about the Projects feature introduced by Wikispaces.
Deven Black

Encyclopedia of Life - 90 views

    A page for each known species

Educational Leadership:How Teachers Learn:Learning with Blogs and Wikis - 57 views

  • Bloggers spend significant time pushing their own thinking—and having their thinking pushed by others. They respond to comments and link to other writers, connecting to and creating interesting ideas. Some develop curriculum and instructional materials together. Others review resources and debate the merits of the individual tools of teaching. Philosophical conversations about what works in schools are common as teachers talk about everything from homework and grading practices to school and district policies that affect teaching and learning. Blogs become a forum for public articulation—and public articulation is essential for educators interested in refining and revising their thinking about teaching and learning.
  • That's when I introduce them to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed readers.
Annie Drapeau

Eight Ways To Use School Wikis | Digital Learning Environments - 102 views

    Digital Learning Environments
Jonathan McKeown

Wikispaces - For Educators - 35 views

    • Kalin Wilburn
      Wikispaces allows you to create wikis specifically for educational purposes. A wiki allows your students to collaborate with you or each other on any number of projects. They simply edit and save without having to create anything new. Instead of brainstorming on paper have them brainstorming in a Wiki.
    • Nicky Stokes
      how do i create student accounts?
Philip Cummings

nonlinearlearning - home - 58 views

    "Problem: How do we break out of a linear mindset and develop three-dimensional teaching without getting weighed down by an immense burden of data collection?"
Nancy White

50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom | Smart Teaching - 129 views

  • Track participation: Assign a wiki page to a group project, and then individual pages for each student to show their participation.
    • Nancy White
      I like this idea. Moves towards student ownership of learning. This is an easy formative assessment piece to put in place.
  • Solving wiki: Post difficult math problems, such as calculus, so that the class can collaboratively solve them.
    great ideas for multiple uses of wikis - with examples of each, however some of these links don't work.
Marc Safran

Teaching With Wikis (University of Minnesota) - 2 views

    Using wikis to support teaching and learning. References and resources on using wikis i education.
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