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A Gardner

PBL in HS via Buck Institute for Education - 4 views

    [WATCH] #PBL at ACE Leadership High School #Education #Students #EdReform *students formerly at-risk
Smith Shots

Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion | Economy on GOOD - 55 views

    "Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion"
Roland Gesthuizen

Prophetic 1995 Student Internet PSA - YouTube - 69 views

    "This Public Service Announcement (PSA) was produced in 1995 by the 5th grade students at Ray Bjork school in Helena Montana. All the Internet possibilities mentioned in the script are today a reality. The production won a local ADDY Award in 1996 for Best PSA."
Caitlin Cahill

WeVideo - Collaborative Online Video Editor in the Cloud - 3 views

    Free account includes 1 GB storage, 15 export minutes per month (to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter), 5 invites per project, and 390 licensed music titles. Supports "any" video format.

GOOD Video: Engaging Students with Lessons On Demand - Education - GOOD - 7 views

    "This is the first of eight videos in our Future Learning series, which explores technology in the classroom."
Steve Ransom

Prof. Stephen Krashen 12-08-2011 on Vimeo - 51 views

    Primary conditions that impact achievement: ---------- 1. poverty 2. access to school library/books at school/books at home ---------- Suggestions: 1. ramp up school meal programs 2. more/better healthcare for kids at school/school nurses 3. better access to books & libraries at school, community, and home. ----------- How to pay for it? - cut testing and divert those funds to the above :-)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Most welcome! Glad you found it.
Steve Ransom

AESA Keynote - 27 views

    The type of learning that we all want... Do we all have the will and the courage to make it happen? Listen to Kevin's message and re-imagine what school/learning can be.
Bill Genereux

YouTube - YouTube in Classrooms - 50 views

    The proliferation of micro-miniature cameras allows an unprecedented look into the world's educational institutions.
Ann Green

+SFETT+ - 25 views

    The San Fernando Education Technology Team, better known as SFETT, is an exceptional team of creative and talented individuals who continuously strive to engage and captivate students while providing them an avenue of expression through the use of digital media. Fabulous student created videos and a digital media wiki are included.
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