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Deborah Baillesderr

ClassHook | Educational Clips from Popular Media - 49 views

    Great site to get some video clips to start a lesson.
Martin Burrett

Implementing Tablets in Schools - The 5 Golden Rules - YouTube - 34 views

    2 minute video: 5 ways to make rolling out tablets in your school a success
Holly Barlaam

Blubbr - Create Interactive Quizzes Using YouTube Clips - 145 views

    Title says it all.  Creative interactive quizzes using YouTube Clips.  
Wayne Holly

Vialogues : Meaningful discussions around video - 128 views

shared by Wayne Holly on 20 Jan 13 - No Cached
    Similar to Voicethread, however it has more features to help guide/scaffold discussions around media content. You can embed these discussions into a CMS or blog page as well.
    Vialogues (which derives from "video dialogues") is an online discussion platform that permits videos to act as powerful teaching resources and the conversation starters. It provides a space for users to hold meaningful, dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos. Excellent resource for educators and others interested in using popular culture resources of all sorts as conversation starters with students...
    Creating Short Flipped Lessons.
Randy Rodgers

YouTube Teachers - YouTube - 55 views

    Click on the Classroom Videos tab below the featured video to see hundreds of playlists arranged by subject and objective.
Martin Burrett

Engineerguy videos - 55 views

    A great set of videos explaining how various pieces of technology work. See hard drives to touch screen smart phones.
Michael Mitchell

Home | MIT + K12 - 78 views

    MIT+K12 Project. MIT students produce learning resources and activities for K-12 students.
    MIT-created site that uses student-created videos to explain complex science and engineering topics to k-12 students.
Kelvin Thompson

ELI 2012 General Sessions and Featured Presentations - 39 views

    Video capture of the general sessions and featured presentations from the Educause Learning Initiative 2012 conference in Austin, Texas.
Lauren Rosen

Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone - YouTube - 1 views

    An Iste video combining 21st Century skills, today's world, and how we can function with today's technology at our fingertips to improve our world for tomorrow. 
Jennifer Carey

"Learning is an Epic Win" - Jane McGonigal - 45 views

    Jane McGonigal's speech at the 2012 Biennial ISAS Speech on gaming and education.
Trevor Cunningham

13 Ways To Use iMovie In The Classroom « - 252 views

    instructional uses for iMovie
    imovie for teachers
Larissa Wright-Elson

EDU - YouTube - 108 views

    youtube education channel

teachers's Channel - YouTube - 133 views

    The teacher's area of YouTube is a great place to find educational resource videos and ideas about how to use videos in your class.
Martin Burrett

Museum of Obsolete Objects - 158 views

    A YouTube Page guaranteed to make all but the youngest of us feel old, by showing technology that is obsolete. Great for showing the iPod generation the wonders of cassette tapes and vinyl records.
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