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Tonya Thomas

elearn Best Practices & Tips Articles - 45 views

  • In the Google Age, Information Literacy is Crucial
  • Lights, Camera, Learn!: Five tips for using video in eLearning
  • Improving Motivation in eLearning By Matt Guyan / October 8, 2013
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  • Synchronous Learning: Is there a future? By Martin Sivula / September 26, 2013
  • eLearning and Digital Cultures: A multitudinous open online course By Jeremy Knox / September 24, 2013
  • The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Connie Malamed By Rick Raymer / September 19, 2013
  • The Rock Stars of eLearning: An interview with Karl Kapp By Rick Raymer / September 5, 2013

Wikispaces - Wikis for Teachers - 85 views

    • hollandchris
      Wikispaces is a power online collaborative tool.  Giving students the opportunity to collaborate on assignments is something I have been looking to expand on in my lessons.  I want to allow collaborative opportunities for my students, as it is a skill that will be necessary in their post secondary endeavors.  Wikispaces seems to be just what I have been looking for.  Wikispaces will allow for accountable online collaboration that I can easily direct and moderate.
    free, private, secure space for educators
    Free space to set up your class WIKIs. Excellent place for class collaboration and organization. One of those "I can't do without this" tools.
Amy Burns

Collaborize Classroom | Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students - 11 views

    Online discussion that allows for media, text, voting, and student commenting. More than just a linear discussion. Has topic organization and class organization. Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students
    a free online collaborative education platform that allows students and teachers to transcend the boundaries of their physical classroom to engage in an online collaborative learning environment.
Thieme Hennis

Haiku LMS | The K12 learning management system | - 136 views

    "The simplest way to bring the web to your classroom ...and your classroom to the web"
    pretty nice LMS
Gloria Deumal

Tecnologies col·laboratives: noves oportunitats per a la participació - 0 views

    A lo largo de este artículo se realiza un análisis de la vertiente más tecnológica de la colaboración con una descripción de las herramientas y las tecnologías de colaboración más relevantes.
Greg Clinton

iPad Workflow 2: Managing Class Blogs with Blogsy, Reeder and Google Reader - 87 views

    2nd ipad workflow for teachers - how to manage a bunch of class blogs and monitor/assess student blogs with a simple, organized setup.
sha towers

Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare - 86 views

    Free lecture notes, exams, and videos from MIT. No registration required.
    MIT's opencourseware feels like the logical outgrowth of Illich's "learning webs" (from Deschooling essay) 
Dana Voso

Paul's E-Learning Resources - 83 views

    • Dana Voso
      This site has all the links in one place!
    • Dana Voso
      Has some useful videos!
    • Dana Voso
      I really like some of these sites! Comic strips can be used in so many disciplines!
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    • Dana Voso
      My summer school librarian used this for library sign up! It was so nice to have constant access to the lab sign-up "book."
    • Dana Voso
      MIght be able to use these when the Windows 7 upgrade happens to the entire county.
    • Dana Voso
      Try here for help with session 6's activites.
John Lustig

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2009 - 84 views

    #1 = Twitter
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