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Gaby K. Slezák

Easygenerator - Onlinekurse erstellen mit vielen Features - 12 views

    Schnell und intuitiv interaktive Onlinekurse oder Lernmaterialien erstellen und einsetzen! Viele moderne didaktische Mittel zur Erstellung von Kursen, Quizzes u.v.m. Unterschiedliche Fragestellungen inkl. Lückentext und Hotspots wählen, Lernpfade (beta), branched Szenarios (Aufpreis), Integration von Voiceovers und Video, Ab 29 US$/Monat. *Kostenlose Version zum Einstieg* mit max. 2 Fragetypen, 3 Kursen und 10 Teilnehmern. Ähnlich wie GoConqr, allerdings in der lizensierten Version mit viel mehr professionellen Funktionen.
    Kostenlos starten
Deborah Baillesderr - Learn Words - English Dictionary - 33 views

    This site is a great way for anyone to expand their vocab. It allows teachers and students to create lists and has thousands of already made lists from literature, speeches, history, current news, plus more.

QuizStar - Create Online Quizzes | Apprendere nel web 2.0 - 53 views

    "QuizStar - Create Online Quizzes"

NASA - Go to the Head of the Solar System - 72 views

    Games from Nasa to help the students learn outer-space.
Deborah Baillesderr

infuselearning - 95 views

    This site offers an interactive way to assess your class by connecting your students to your lessons and response to every question on a range of devices, including mobiles. Make a virtual room and set up assessment quizzes, share links instantly and even get students to draw a response to your questions in real time. The data is collated so you can see where your students need more input.
N Butler

Socrative Teacher - 5 views

    Great online interactive tool. Can be used with mobile devices.
Martin Burrett

Google Shared Spaces: Yes/No/Maybe Gadget - 2 views

    Make a online 'yes/no/maybe' survey with this clever tool from Google Labs.
Adrienne Schroeder

Flubaroo Assessment - 68 views

shared by Adrienne Schroeder on 24 Mar 11 - No Cached
    This seemed to work well - thanks for the tip!
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    Use flubaroo to grade quizzes made in goggle docs.
    Flubaroo will automatically grade assignments given via Google Docs.
    Simple templates in Google docs to automate grading of assignments
Brad Foltz

Free Quiz Maker: Create A Quiz, Online testing, Make quizzes, test & exams - 131 views

    Nice little quiz maker
Deborah Baillesderr

Online Teaching: Kubbu - 59 views

    Kubbu is an e-learning tool where you can create games, quizzes or crosswords
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