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Randy Rodgers

Jauntful - 106 views

    Site lets users create interactive maps of any location. Users add pins, then share stories or information, images, etc. Could be a good tool for students learning about historical places, local communities, etc. Also a good tool for writing short expository texts.
Trevor Cunningham

Map Stack by Stamen - 54 views

    Very cool little map editor. Has a lot of Photoshop flair for map layers. Very artistic rendering possibilities to visualize learning in History, Geography, Litertaure, etc...
jault_kghs - 24 views

    Uses an ActiveX control and requires Internet Explorer.
Stacy Olson

Battlefields of the Civil War - A story map presented by Esri - 2 views

    An interactive map and chronology of the major battles of the civil war.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Free Map Tools - Use maps in cool and unique ways - 92 views

    Calculate area, radius, and distance using this mapping website. Useful for social studies and math teachers.
Tanya Hudson

MapAList - Create and Manage Maps of Address Lists - 102 views

    Amazing tool for putting address lists into a map. Great for infographics or for visualizing distances.
    A wizard for creating and managing customized Google maps of address lists from your own Google spreadsheets.
Roberta Bandfield

The top 20 data visualisation tools | Feature | .net magazine - 91 views

Jennifer Carey

Animaps - Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free! - 96 views

    This online mapping tool lets you make an timed animated route and add photos, text and links at various positions along the journey. Feels a bit like a map-based PowerPoint and timeline.,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
    Animaps extends the My Maps feature of Google Maps by letting you create maps with markers that move, images and text that pop up on cue, and lines and shapes that change over time.
Lisa DuFur

Mapping America - Census Bureau 2005-9 American Community Survey - - 40 views

    Browse local data from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, based on samples from 2005 to 2009. Because these figures are based on samples, they are subject to a margin of error, particularly in places with a low population, and are best regarded as estimates. Create tons of lessons around this data. WOW
Deven Black

Broadcastr Beta - 55 views

    Record 3-minute stories and attach them to a map.
Steve Lissenden

The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them - 126 views

    The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them
    Concept maps are graphical tools for organizing and representing knowledge
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