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Paul Bogush

Enhancing Critical-Thinking Skills in Children: Tips for Parents - Duke Gifted Letter - 55 views

  • Are in-depth group discussions provided during class time? Are students coached to question their thinking processes and those of their classmates? Are students afforded opportunities to evaluate their progress regularly? Are students encouraged to pose questions regularly in class? Are students provided with guides to help them reflect on their thinking (such as Bloom’s Taxonomy)? Do class projects engage students in analysis, synthesis, and evaluation? Are students given opportunities to consider various opinions and to justify their own beliefs?
  • Table 1 Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy Competence Description Question/Prompt Knowledge Dates, events, formulas, other facts When did the United States become an independent country from England? What is the formula for area? Comprehension Recognize meaning, sequence, events, interpret information, compare ideas, make inferences, predict ideas What is the author's purpose? How are these numbers related? Is water of sunshine more critical to plant life? Human life? Application Use of information and concepts to solve problems Using your knowledge of calories and your physical makeup, calculate how much energy you must exert to lose three pounds per month. Demonstrate your understanding of how to create a Web site. Analysis Recognize patterns, parts, components Considering the stock market, examine which investments were the most lucrative this quarter. Organize these games by level of difficulty. Synthesis Use of information to create a new system, generalize, draw conclusions When did the United States become an independent country from England? What is the formula for area? Evaluation Assess concepts, weigh opinions for subjectivity, select items, judge Which type of dog would be best suited for your family, given your lifestyle and housing? Which local newspaper is written the most objectively?
    Does your classroom enhance critical thinking?
Donna Baumbach

School libraries: Vital filter developers - 16 views

    If properly developed, it can guide and empower them the rest of their lives. Its other pluses: # Comes universally pre-installed, free of charge # Has no socio-economic barriers to "adoption" # Is automatically customized in micro detail as it's used # Works at the "operating system" level # Not only doesn't conflict with, but supports and enhances, all other "applications" # Improves with use # Is the No. 1 online-safety tool.
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