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Kim Loeffen

A Personalized Learning Backlash -- THE Journal - 10 views

    • Kim Loeffen
      Elementary school Summit backlash includes concerns on data usage and other issues
  • personalized instruction is getting renewed attention as schools in the northeast consider calling their experiments in the instructional model a failure.
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  • there's "little evidence for the effectiveness" of personalized instruction delivered through technology.
    • Kim Loeffen
      Student protest of an online Facebook driven learning "experience" causes the NY DOE to drop the program in grades 11-12

Using Social Bookmarking in Schools and with your Students- Part Two | Silvia Tolisano-... - 17 views

    • afager212
      Could be a useful tool when just starting
  • Remember that it is NOT about the tools we use with our students, but the skills we are exposing them to and want them to get proficient in.
  • need to evaluate and interpret information tag bookmarks (their own and/or the ones collected by their teacher) summarize bookmarks (their own and/or the ones shared by teacher) take advantage of “experts in the field” (by subscribing to their RSS for specific tags) learn to search for relevant information beyond “googling” collaborate with other members of a study group (local or global)
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  • a critical mistake when introducing digital tools by assuming that armed with a username and a password, students will automatically find meaningful ways to learn together.
  • Handout_SocialBookmarkingRoles.pdf
Tony Bollino

Educators Guide to the use of Pinterest in Education ~ Educational Technology and Mobil... - 62 views

    Educators Guide to Pinterest and who to follow.

Reading Online - 67 views

    Webquest article
Elizabeth Kahn

How to Integrate Tech When It Keeps Changing | Edutopia - 61 views

    Great article from Edutopia explaining why we need to persevere with technology integration.
Stephen Bright

What Happens In An Internet Minute? - 3 views

    useful infographic from with a download image option
Diana Irene Saldana

The Future of Education - Charting the Course of Teaching and Learning in a Networked W... - 49 views

    Charting the Course of Teaching and Learning in a Networked World. The future of education, social network
Tricia Hunt

The World's Best Print Ads, 2012-13 | Adweek - 124 views

  • Time, Wired and The New Yorker
    • Tricia Hunt
      Incredible! Such and example of trusted sources pushing certain products while at the same thing advertising themselves.
  • This campaign turned famous authors into headphones.
    • Tricia Hunt
      Genius!  I love the idea of audio books being Authors' voices speaking to us in an intimate way.
  • School portraits are turned on their heads to remind the viewer that every child gets education
    • Tricia Hunt
      Powerful message that appeals to statistics and helping people for a better cause
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  • elp us provide quality education to thousands of children in Chile because if we can change their education we can change their destiny."
    • Tricia Hunt
      Such a powerful message!
  • old the page for comedy.
  • ou know it's funny
  • When you see the logo
  • The drawings from the famous "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign, which won the Titanium Grand Prix this year. At left, a woman as described to a sketch artist by the woman. At right, the woman as described by a stranger.
    • Tricia Hunt
      WOW! Even more powerful!  This shows the impact media has made on us.  The left is the woman describing herself and the right is a STRANGER describing her!!! INSANE!
  • Fake ads cleverly pushed for better literacy rates in France
  • thumbs-up means nothing in this brutal campaign pleading for more tangible charity support than a like on Facebook.
    "These iPad mini ads, released late last year, were placed on the back covers of several national magazines-including Time, Wired and The New Yorker."
Tricia Hunt - 52 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      I've never thought about if the images I am choosing are excluding some students in my classroom before.
Tricia Hunt

How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom (Video Playlist) | Edutopia - 1 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      Not really finding this video as helpful.  Twitter has been a round for a while and I am very acquainted with its uses.  Note - video was created in 2009...four years ago!
    • Tricia Hunt
      There is NO WAY it is acceptable to friend our students on facebook.  I agree that we should not make social media the elephant in the room.  I just do not see how it is appropriate to be friends with a student on facebook.
    • Tricia Hunt
      I would challenge kids to use their OWN digital devices (iPhones, etc) and see if they can make connections with what they see to what they are learning in school!
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    • Tricia Hunt
     around forever!  I already know to use it all the time in the classroom.
    • Tricia Hunt
      Globe on Wii for Geography is obviously a HUGE engagement for kids!  Internet what...they can do that on a computer.  Wii Sports....of course the kids enjoy it, but who has time for it?
Tricia Hunt

How to Teach with Technology: Science and Math | Edutopia - 107 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      I am IN LOVE with this idea!  And now that I know about Remind101, I can actually communicate via text WITHOUT giving out my own cell phone number!
  • Disposable fun "An idea for teaching kids about angles in math class is having a scavenger hunt and giving them a disposable camera so they can take pictures of different angles."
  • For math, I would use a Voki to explain the problems to my class.
Tricia Hunt

How to Teach with Technology: Social Studies | Edutopia - 74 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      I find that having a "back channel" conversation during a presentation to actually do the opposite.  I am so busy commenting on what was just presented that I miss what is being talked about next.
  • "I think it's a good idea to use Skype (10) for learning about other states and countries.
    • Tricia Hunt
      I like the idea of Skyping with people from other countries.  I could get the kids to come up with a list of questions first.  My biggest question is HOW do I connect/find someone from another country?
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  • For more information on Lykowski's Global Explorers Project (including rubrics and other resources), go to Global Explorers (13).
  • FreePoverty is a geography game that presents you with a city or landmark. You have a short amount of time (5-10 seconds) to locate it on a map. The closer you are to the target, the more cups of water are donated to people in need around the world. (FreePoverty is seeking a nonprofit organization to work with to help turn the site's revenues into water donations.)
Tricia Hunt

How to Teach with Technology: Language Arts | Edutopia - 70 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      Never thought about letting kids "free blog" when they have a question!  Love that idea!
  • respond to a prompt on the blog for homework
    • Tricia Hunt
      I LOVE Photostory!  In the advent of Animoto and Voicethread I have COMPLETELY forgotten about how easy it is to use!
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  • VoiceThread is collaborative slide show software that allows users to contribute audio, images, and video.
    • Tricia Hunt
      Just used voice thread in my last online course and could totally see how commenting back and forth on the different images is AWESOME!
  • Doozla (13),
  • Comic Life
    Interesting perspectives and ideas about how to incorporate technology in the language arts classroom, but could easily extend beyond that
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