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Roland Gesthuizen

8 Ways For Teachers To Save Time In The Classroom - 140 views

    "Teachers think about a lot during the course of a school day - from planning lessons tied to the core curriculum to making sure Jimmy gets home on the right bus. One thing teachers often do not think about is saving themselves time, but they should."
Amy Burns

An Ethical Island | How to Teach Without a Lecture and other fun - 83 views

    Mia includes powerful, original infographics with her blog posts. Check out her work!
Robert Hochberg

Digitizing Depths of Knowledge GIEWC - 40 views

    Sean jay O'Neil
    Digitizing depths of knowledge
Amy Burns

Technology Integration Matrix - 106 views

    Fabulous matrix for technology integration. Includes leveled lesson examples, videos, lists of resources and more.
Maddy Shapiro

Ipad in Ed - 56 views

Check out art teacher Tricia Fuglestad blog for great ideas.

art education technology tablets ipads teaching review

Thieme Hennis

Educade | Find, create and share lesson plans and teaching tools to empower your classroom - 3 views

    DIY Lesson plans and materials for K12 and above. Very cool platform. Example project:
    Students design and make controllers with clay, Play-Doh, bananas, or whatever they desire and link their controller through circuits to their laptop with this innovative circuit board kit.
    GRADE LEVEL: 4-9

    Created by
    Agustin Molfino
    Curriculum Writer
Jim Aird

Feds Call on Universities for Ideas for 'Experimental Sites,' New Learning Technologies... - 32 views

  • Education, particularly K-12 education, remains relatively untouched by advances in our understanding of how people learn, how to design instruction that incorporates those insights, and the explosion in information technologies such as low-cost smartphones and tablets, cloud computing, broadband networks, speech recognition and speech synthesis, predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning, intelligent tutors, simulations, games, computer-[supported] collaborative work, and many other technologies.
Jon Tanner

Planning for Quality in Online Learning - 49 views

    Evergreen education group and their organized, strategic planning process around four focus areas: Content, Teaching, Technology, and Operations
Deborah Baillesderr

▶ What Most Schools Don't Teach - YouTube - 2 views

    A great short video to help everyone understand how important it is to teach our students coding.
Elizabeth Resnick

Get Over It! | Langwitches Blog - 38 views

    Great article on how pedagogy has shifted and the emergence of modern skills and literacies.  
    Dr. Gil Perl:" It's the teacher - whether new to the profession or seasoned veteran - who recognizes that the world is changing and that teachers ought to be on the forefront of understanding that change. It's the teacher who has a burning desire to learn more and do more, while being open to reflection and redirection. It's the teacher who encourages his students to take intellectual and emotional risks and models such by extending himself beyond his own comfort zone. It's the educator who embraces the idea that her job is not to teach, but to help students learn"
Steve Ransom

SpeEdChange: The Church Task Believers - 6 views

    If you want to have your thinking pushed regarding teaching and technology, Ira Socol's blog here is one to subscribe to. This post is a prime example that challenges many of our assumptions about learning, school, and technology.
Jim Aird

How to Improve Public Online Education: Report Offers a Model - Government - The Chroni... - 18 views

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  • patchwork collection of online courses that's difficult for students to navigate.
  • they can improve their online-education efforts to help students find streamlined, affordable pathways to a degree.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • "Taken together, these steps result in something that looks less like an unorganized collection of Internet-based classes, and more like a true public university."
  • I am always miffed at the people within Higher Ed who recognize that nothing about pedagogy has changed in 50 years except computers and PowerPoint but they still rationalize that nothing needs changed or fixed.
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