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Martin Burrett

STEM education around the world by @HowToSTEM - 13 views

    "How does STEM education differ between these countries? Who is doing it 'best'? We've done our research and these are the findings"
Martin Burrett

If Technology Fails, Use Basic Math Skills - Count Manually!! by @johnkaiser13 - 15 views

    "Technology has inevitably been inserted to nearly all aspects of our lives today. First and foremost, the use of computerised cash registers have been around for a few decades now. Trying to remember cash registers which operated without a digital display might be nearly impossible. The generation which might be able to do so has been replaced with a new generation who depend on technology to a large degree. The dependence on new technology is starting to 'show signs' of the effect of converting from our analogue counterparts. Below is an example that I recently experienced the effect of technology in a transaction at a doughnut shop."
massicg - FREE Math Games | Spelling Games | Teacher Tools | Printables and Much... - 45 views

  • Featuring over 3,500 content pages, is one of the most popular destinations on the internet for parents, homeschoolers, teachers, and students. was created by Greg Nussbaum, a Virginia public school teacher with experience teaching 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classrooms.
Tricia Hunt

How to Teach with Technology: Science and Math | Edutopia - 107 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      I am IN LOVE with this idea!  And now that I know about Remind101, I can actually communicate via text WITHOUT giving out my own cell phone number!
  • Disposable fun "An idea for teaching kids about angles in math class is having a scavenger hunt and giving them a disposable camera so they can take pictures of different angles."
  • For math, I would use a Voki to explain the problems to my class.
Debra Spear

Technology Links - Livebinder - 87 views

    Resources separated by subject
Brandon Raymo

FastFig - 56 views

    Great Math resource! Thanks.
Gene Tognetti

Thursday 3/14 is Pi Day! From Common Core and Educational Technology - 86 views

    2013 Pi Day is coming up 3/14. Here are some sites with fun and relevant class activities from our recently started blog supporting Common Core and Ed Tech. Please take a look at the site and provide any feedback! Thanks,
Anne Jolly

STEM Imagineering | MiddleWeb - 8 views

    Good resource for the "How to," What to," and Why to" of STEM lessons. Easy read and informative.
N Carroll

Smart Technology Sites - 127 views

    Listing of interactive sites to use with SmartBoard. Some categorized by content area or Grade level
Jim Tiffin Jr

TeacherGeek - Innovative products to inspire young minds - 5 views

    Resource page for materials associated with TeacherGeek products. Models and machines that can be built by students.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Archived Dynamic Technology Webinars from Key Curriculum associated with CCSS - 5 views

    The list of webinars given by Key Curriculum Press associated with the Common Core State Standards, all archived and ready to access for free.
    Key Curriculum has just introduced this line of webinars, so as of 01-26-2012 there are no contents to this page. However, three webinars are scheduled to be shown over the next month. I would suspect then that this page will begin filling with content.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Archived Fathom and TinkerPlots Webinars from Key Curriculum - 2 views

    The list of Fathom and TinkerPlots webinars given by Key Curriculum Press, all archived and ready to access for free.
Jim Tiffin Jr

Archived Geometer's Sketchpad Webinars from Key Curriculum - 3 views

    The list of Geometer's Sketchpad webinars given by Key Curriculum Press, all archived and ready to access for free.
Jennifer Diaz

Free Teacher Resources | Math Programs for Grades 3 & Up - 88 views

    Free Math Program for your class.  Looks similar to ALEKS but free!
A Gardner

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation - FIZZ - 142 views

    Videos for everything from why do it, to how to do it (buy the boards, set up the lectures, set up the tripod, upload). Amazing resource for anyone slightly overwhelmed, but really interested in, the flipped classroom
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