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Roland Gesthuizen

Teaching in "The Cloud" with Evernote - YouTube - 193 views

    • Roland Gesthuizen
      Nice video example of how to use this software in the classroom.
    All your post was very useful for me, thanks for sharing!
Martin Burrett

MathTV - 126 views

    A huge collection of maths videos on a wide range of topics. A super resource for older students, but even better to use to brush up on your own maths and teach the lesson yourself.
Marita Thomson

PBL videos - 3 views

    Overview of a PBL unit by a New Tech Network teacher at Columbus Signature Academy + other videos on PBL.
Randolph Hollingsworth

Filesharing @ IU - 41 views

    Multi-use website that looks very student-oriented but is clearly useful for faculty and staff also - includes "How can I protect myself?" as well as copyright tutorial, educationa and awareness resources
Tamara Connors

Digitally Speaking / Social Bookmarking and Annotating - 58 views

  • Diigo's "group forums" are threaded, allowing users to start new strands or to reply to strands started by others.
  • powerful learning depends on the quality of the conversation that develops around the content being studied together. 
  • This handout--including a description of each role and a group sign-up sheet---can be used with student social bookmarking efforts: Handout_SocialBookmarkingRoles.pdf
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Captain Cannonball should find four or five key points in a shared reading to highlight and craft initial questions for other readers to consider
  • hallenging the thinking of peers in the conversation.  Directly responding to comments made by others, the Provocateur works to remind everyone that there are two sides to every story.    
  • for connections.  Middle Men
  • question statements made and conclusions drawn throughout a shared reading.
  • dentify important "takeaways" that a group can learn from
    Fred, What an incredible resource. It has changed my thinking about collaborative annotation technologies. Thank you! -tbf Todd Finley
    The driving force behind the Web 2.0 revolution is a spirit of intellectual philanthropy and collective intelligence that is made possible by new technologies for communication, collaboration and information management.  One of the best examples of collective intelligence in action are the wide range of social bookmarking applications that have been embraced in recent years.
Marty Daniel

Grow a Moodle - 0 views

    I have been thinking about and scouring the net for 'best' models of trying to get teachers to use Moodle for some time. I have tried a few things myself with mixed success until the most obvious thing hit me.
    I have been thinking about and scouring the net for 'best' models of trying to get teachers to use Moodle for some time. I have tried a few things myself
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