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Yozo Horiuchi

edshelf - 56 views

    A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning.
Don Doehla

Languages as a Core Component of Education for All Students | American Council on The T... - 16 views

    A key new position statement from ACTFL
Amy Roediger

Reading Strategies for 'Informational Text' - - 172 views

    Update | Feb. 2012: We'll be exploring the new Common Core State Standards, and how teaching with The Times can address them, through a series of blog posts. You can find them all here, tagged "the NYT and the CCSS."
    A good list of reading strategies for informational text from the New York Times.
Joanna Gerakios

Videos, Common Core Resources And Lesson Plans For Teachers: Teaching Channel - 156 views

    A site from the US with a superb collect of professional development videos for teachers to improve their skills and knowledge of teaching and learning in a range of areas and subjects.
  • ...1 more comment...
    Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of innovative and effective teaching practices in America's schools.
    Teaching examples and ideas -hundreds of videos!
    Videos for teachers
Kate Pok

Cut and Paste Reportage: The Rise of "Whatever Journalism" | text2cloud - 64 views

    What is plagiarism? A case study of a news story that keeps growing as the headlines change--racism, whites only screening, outrage--even though each story is simply a rewriting of a summary of a letter to the editor. The problem, ultimately, isn't the technology; it's the generation of readers and writers who prefer outrage to curiosity.
    interesting article about writing
Gregory Wood

The University of Wherever - - 75 views

  • the day is growing nearer when quality higher education confronts the technological disruptions that have already upended the music and book industries, humbled enterprises from Kodak to the Postal Service (not to mention the newspaper business), and helped destabilize despots across the Middle East.
Jennifer Carey

Ten common myths about teaching | Superintendent's Center | - 117 views

    Great summary of cliched myths about teachers.
Thomas Anderson

Newswordy: Word of the day - 80 views

    A useful resource for older students that takes interesting words from the news and gives a definition and extracts from news sites and Twitter.

TCRecord: Article - 18 views

    May a school punish students for wearing breast-cancer awareness bracelets that include the word "Boobies"? A federal court says no.
Paul McKean

Jolicloud - 91 views

    Jolicloud connects you to all of your favorite online apps, social media, videos, photos and files from any computer in the world.
    Jolicloud - Virtual Desktop #cloud #edtech #elearning #bookmark #share #collaborate #tech
    We are hoping to go the Jolicloud route this coming school year. Is anyone out there using it? Comments, critiques and suggestions welcome.
Bonnie Grover

Information is beautiful - 147 views

    From a review by Alice Yoo (here:
    "Information is Beautiful was started by London-based writer and designer David McCandless. It's a blog that takes information - facts, data, ideas - and turns it into well-designed charts, graphs and data visualizations. Relevant to not just designers but anyone who appreciates statistics and facts, this site will not only keep you entertained, it will educate you on the world we live in."

    Love infographics - love to be able to do them as well as these people!
    Graphic representations of information.
Charles Youngs

Special Report: Hounduran Teachers Get Shock Treatment - 39 views

    Post-coup regime in Honduras carrying out unprecedented assault on most organized sector of the resistance, the teachers. Government slashes salaries, steals pensions, fires, threatens, jails, and in some cases, murders teachers and union leaders. "Once you accept the unions are the enemy, you can accept the organizations can be destroyed." Reports claims regime leaders got privatization ideas from US.
Lena Darnay

I'm a Teacher and After Tuesday, I Could Be Fired - 135 views

    This is an interesting perspective blog post from Huffington Post sharing the view of education reform from a High School English teacher in California.
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