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Sean Nash

Aligning Philosophy and Practice - nashworld - 34 views

    One of my foundational rules of classroom engagement is simply this: never be the first one to open your mouth and start talking about any topic. Twenty years in the classroom taught me that one. Never assume. Never take prior knowledge for granted. Listen first, then act. Never presume to know what the students in front of you are capable of. They'll show you if you are bold enough to listen.
Marita Thomson

Just shut up and listen, expert tells teachers - 178 views

    JOHN HATTIE has spent his life studying the studies to find out what works in education. His advice to teachers? Just shut up.
    Hattie makes some good points, and I was with him until I read his comment about "not spending a penny" on smaller class sizes. Smaller class size is exactly what makes it possible for a teacher to oversee student-directed learning and "engage closely and listen"
    That is my experience too thank you Carol I missed that! I rely on volunteers so that I can teach hands on skills. The students themselves give me the feedback I need to adjust instruction. And of course the type of skills and content that they enjoy too.
Peter Olm

Thought Control. - 1 views

    Thinking, literacy and education in the middle years of schooling
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