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Nigel Coutts

Finding a new paradise for education in times of chaos - The Learner's Way - 12 views

    Through any lens schools are complex places. A melting pot of human, social, political, economic, technological, physical and philosophical tensions. At once the stronghold of our cultural traditions and facilitators of our future wellbeing, schools serve as pillars of stability constructed at the event horizon between our now and our tomorrow. Perhaps at this point in time more than ever is this tension between the role that schools play in indoctrinating our youth into the ways of society at odds with the imperative to prepare them for their futures.
Nigel Coutts

Creativity is a beautiful, messy chaotic thing - The Learner's Way - 33 views

    Creativity is often said to be the key to the future. The essentially human attribute that will ensure our utility in a world dominated by automation. It is said to be an essential ingredient in education but it will not be truly learned unless we provide students with opportunities to dive fully into its waters. 
Nate White

How to Foster a Creative Mindset in Your Students | Edudemic - 71 views

    Interesting article on fostering creativity in students. Two of the points especially are aha moments that appear counter-intuitive, but are actually brilliant. Great short read.
Margaret FalerSweany

Creativity Becomes an Academic Discipline - - 70 views

  • Critical thinking has long been regarded as the essential skill for success, but it’s not enough, says Dr. Puccio. Creativity moves beyond mere synthesis and evaluation and is, he says, “the higher order skill.”
  • Traditional academic disciplines still matter, but as content knowledge evolves at lightning speed, educators are talking more and more about “process skills,” strategies to reframe challenges and extrapolate and transform information, and to accept and deal with ambiguity.
  • find some cultural norms to break,”
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • “Examine what in the culture is preventing you from creating something new or different. And what is it like to look like a fool because a lot of things won’t work out and you will look foolish? So how do you handle that?”
  • an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in creativity and innovation
    An overview of some of the creativity courses being add to collegiate curricula.  It also discusses what is taught and some of the methods employed.
Lynda Monick-Isenberg

Teaching in 21st century - 63 views

    Not new info---but put together as questions
Roland Gesthuizen

How-and why-to teach innovation in our schools | eSchool News - 67 views

    "An innovation curriculum requires an emphasis on what I am going to call, for lack of a preexisting term, the Five I's: Imagination, Inquiry, Invention, Implementation, and Initiative (the latter being a foundational trait that enables the other four). Here is my take on how to teach each of the Five I's of innovation in our schools."
    Love the notion of the 5 I's - many already comfortable with the 4 (or 5) C's - but have a look at Jamie McKenzie's post from 2010 - "A Dozen I Words Trump the 4 R's" - funnily enough, I just came across it yesterday whlst doing some prep!
sulyn bennett-hennessey

Teacher Tom: Teacher Tom's art - 22 views

    Teacher Tom is my hero.

Critical Literacy and Creativity - 1 views

    This wiki is part of a group project between four educators with a common interest in Critical Literacy and Creativity. The authors assert that creativity is a part of human beings that affects how we live and understand and that it is an integral part of education and learning, not an added extra.
Chai Reddy

Michael Levine: Make Teaching Creativity More Than Just a Song and Dance (VIDEO) - 72 views

  • In an IBM poll of over 1,500 CEOs, creativity was ranked the #1 leadership competency for successful companies of tomorrow. Other countries in the EU and China have already taken note and are experimenting with school programs to prioritize creative skills. Meanwhile the American education system has renewed its focus on more rigorous curriculum standards and national testing in an effort to improve our global competitiveness. In doing so, are we missing something essential?
  • With children older than 8 spending over 10 hours a day using media outside school, we must meet children where they are in order to convert couch time at home, and seat time at school, into creative learning time.
Greg Brandenburg

News Flash: High School Students Are Bored - Teaching Now - Education Week Teacher - 51 views

  • 35 percent of the bored students, however, indicated that the source of their boredom was a lack of interaction with their teacher
    Students desire more interaction with their teachers
Jim Birchfield

FableVision - 50 views

    Inspired educational company
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