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Matt Renwick

Education Week: School Leaders: Don't Let Your Teachers Lose Heart - 51 views

  • Survey teachers. In the spring, as you consider programs for the following year (or years), send out a survey to teachers asking them to rate the areas where they need help. Pick your programs accordingly. You won't please everyone, but this is a chance to address your teachers' real concerns.
    • Matt Renwick
      I like this idea. It will help set our goals for the next three years.
  • Take something off the table. Teachers are being asked to do more without letting go of something else. Surprise your teachers before school next year and strike a program that was assessed to be ineffective. Your teachers will love you for easing their load.
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    • Matt Renwick
      What would we take off?
Paul McKean

Teachers, students should be Facebook friends, officer says - - 58 views

    • Paul McKean
      I agree with this, providing the teacher uses a school account, not their own personal account, as this would open up lots of other issues.
    • nimmog
      I don't know how much I agree with this. I reckon that I would rather deploy statusnet on a server, as it is free, takes only a little amount of technical ability (or you could perhaps recruit the help of a computing teacher if you have access to one) and it then gives you, or some other trusted individual/group control and ownership of the data.
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