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John Tucker - 22 views

    ABC "From Paddock to Plate" Teacher resource
Don Doehla

The Best 1:1 Device is a Good Teacher | Edutopia - 56 views

    "Over the course of two years, I, along with the Burlington Public Schools tech team, had the opportunity to meet and connect with over one hundred schools. These discussions would usually involve what device works best in the classroom and how the iPad is affecting teaching and learning outcomes. Frequently this conversation focuses on the most effective hardware for teaching and learning. While this is an important decision to make, it should not be the focus. In fact, the best devices a school can employ are great teachers."

Teachers' Cafe - 3 views

    Elementary Specialist Ideas. PE, Music, Art. Lesson Plans.
Mary Glackin

Teacher Guide- YT Curriculum- FULL - 1 views

    secondary school curriculum for using YouTube including lesson videos and full teacher's guide
Roland Gesthuizen

Out-of-tune plans should hit a shorter note - News - TES Connect - 47 views

  • All an experienced teacher needs is one big plan and short prompts for lessons
  • Far from being scientific, as the word "evidence" implies, this faith in the written plan is almost superstitious
  • Teaching has become a plan-centred profession. The things you do are only validated by written evidence that you intended to do them. It makes no sense, yet is widely accepted
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  • Respond to the child, not the plan.
    "If I could have your detailed lesson plans for next week, that would be great. Thanks!" Why? We plan too much. Long-term plans, in-depth plans, planning per week, per lesson, per pupil. Yet we work with unpredictable children, so we revise our plans because the lesson didn't go according to plan.
Beth Panitz

Super Teacher Worksheets - Printable Worksheets - 75 views

    Variety of free worksheets for all elementary levels
Kimberly LaPrairie

SimpleK12 - 3 views

    SimpleAssessment Free assessment to test the technology proficiency of students. SimpleTechLearning Tools to help teachers develop skills to lead students in 21st century classrooms. SimpleSchoolSafety Free school safety resources to protect against H1N1, bloodborne pathogens, and MRSA. SimpleTechIntegration Teacher-to-teacher community for sharing classroom resources and free tech tools. Protecting Students Curriculum to educate and keep students, staff, and teachers safe on the Internet and with cell phones.
John Evans

21st Century Pedagogy | 21st Century Connections - 1 views

  • How we teach must reflect how our students learn. It must also reflect the world our students will move into. This is a world which is rapidly changing, connected, adapting and evolving. Our style and approach to teaching must emphasise the learning in the 21st century.
    • John McMillen
      One paragraph, very simple and staright forward but very powerful.
    • John Evans
      Absolutely. I think most teachers are doing a good job with sentence one. It's the second statement that we need to attend to!
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