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Glenda Baker

DivShare - Professional Media and Document Sharing - 28 views

    A file and media hosting site where you can upload upto 5GB of your videos, office documents, MP3s and more and view them on the go. Embed your media and documents on to your site.
    Looking for hosting options for mp3 - need to share, play and download
Martin Burrett - Simple file sharing - 26 views

    A really simple way to share files. Upload your items and create a wall of files with a dedicated and customisable link. No sign up required.
Martin Burrett | Online file sharing - 34 views

    A well designed platform from storing and sharing documents online. Get 5GB of free storage space.
Jim Connolly

Dropbox Tips for Teachers: Why You Must Get Dropbox! - 165 views

    Great overview of Dropbox and its usefulness for teachers/administrators. 
Martin Burrett

Dropbox - Simplify your life - 93 views

    • Kalin Wilburn
      Use dropbox to keep track of files you need at home, work, and anywhere else you might be. It provides you the ability to access your files from any location, allow others to "drop" files into your dropbox, and to share any files you have placed in there. You can use it for student work or just as a personal productivity tool.
    • Kalin Wilburn
      It has to be downloaded on your computer so if you want to use this at school you will need your tech coordinator's permission.
    • S. Cosmo
      But you can use it at school with the access to the web page...
    • smithirowa24
      Dropbox synchs with your smart phone like an iphone, and it also synchs with tablets like the ipad.  This way I can carry my files no matter where I am.
    • Bill Shelly
      Try this in combination with Awesome!
    • benjaminv
      I am not sure, but the idea of bringing referals to increase storage are awesome.
    This is an amazing solution for storing, sharing, and back up your data. The ability to access files from any computer & mobile devices makes this a great solution. Up to 2GB storage free! Learn more about the public folder to share files with others, while keeping your other files private. I have it on both my Apple computers and on two PCs. This rocks!
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    I love my Dropbox!! It makes life so much easier!
    I have it too, and have used it for a couple of years now to go between my mac at school and PC at home. I recently blogged about it here:
    @Jonathon, thanks for sharing the blog post. I'll pass that along to others. @Cathy, thanks for confirming it's been a useful tool.
    One of the leading and best online file storage option. It works across many different devices and is great for teachers who like to travel light. Download required. Basic package is free with 'paid for' option with more storage. Easily share files with others.
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