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Tricia Hunt

How to Use New-Media Tools in Your Classroom (Video Playlist) | Edutopia - 1 views

    • Tricia Hunt
      Not really finding this video as helpful.  Twitter has been a round for a while and I am very acquainted with its uses.  Note - video was created in 2009...four years ago!
    • Tricia Hunt
      There is NO WAY it is acceptable to friend our students on facebook.  I agree that we should not make social media the elephant in the room.  I just do not see how it is appropriate to be friends with a student on facebook.
    • Tricia Hunt
      I would challenge kids to use their OWN digital devices (iPhones, etc) and see if they can make connections with what they see to what they are learning in school!
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    • Tricia Hunt
     around forever!  I already know to use it all the time in the classroom.
    • Tricia Hunt
      Globe on Wii for Geography is obviously a HUGE engagement for kids!  Internet what...they can do that on a computer.  Wii Sports....of course the kids enjoy it, but who has time for it?

100 Ways To Use Twitter In Education, By Degree Of Difficulty - Edudemic - 2 views

  • Twitter may have started off as a fun social media site for keeping up with friends and sharing updates about daily life, but it’s become much more than that for many users over the past few years as the site has evolved and grown
Josephine Dorado

Meograph: Four-dimensional storytelling - 79 views

    Meograph helps easily create, watch, and share interactive stories. Our first product combines maps, timeline, links, and multimedia to tell stories in context of where and when.
    Create, watch & share stories that combine maps, timelines, links, and media to tell stories in the context of where and when.
Scott Kinkoph

TweetMeme - Search and Retweet the Hottest Stories on Twitter - 0 views

    Twitter research
Becky Roehrs

Creator of 'Anonymous' Gossip Site Names Names - Wired Campus - The Chronicle of Higher... - 2 views

    Campus-gossip Web sites like JuicyCampus and CollegeACB used the lure of anonymity to entice students to post on them. The cloak gave students a virtual bathroom wall on which to write racy rumors and explicit insults about their peers without fear of being exposed.
    I want to share this with my students in future, when we work with social media..are you really ever anonymous on the web?
Greg Limperis

Technology Integration in Education - Facilitating the Use of Technology in the Classroom - 15 views

    "Are you an educator who has no time to surf the internet for great resources that will help you integrate technology into your daily teaching? Have you ever wished that there could be one central starting point in your search for great edtech resources? " Then T.I.E. is the site for you! Form or join a group, read a news feed, participate in an event, discuss or blog about a topic, watch or share a video, and so much more!
Angela Wilson

100 Tips, Tools, and Resources for Teaching Students About Social Media | Teaching Degr... - 103 views

    social networking in education

The 10 Best and Worst Ways Social Media Impacts Education - Edudemic - 102 views

    Social networking communities are here to stay. Facebook has over 500 million users, while Twitter has over 200 million. That's not even counting blogs or YouTube video blogs. There's no doubt that students are actively engaged in online communities, but what kind of effects are these sites having and how can parents counteract the bad and bolster the positive?
Roland Gesthuizen

PLN = Perplexing Linguistic Notion | Graham Wegner - Open Educator - 54 views

    PLN. Stands for Personal Learning Network. Gets bandied around a lot by educators using social media tools. Myself included. We all think we know what we are talking about when we refer to our PLN. Well, I do, at least. Not too sure about some of you others out there. Here's what I personally think my PLN is:
Marc Patton

Edudemic - Education Technology, Apps, Product Reviews, and Social Media - 51 views

    So we're making people smart not by offering access to huge volumes of information, but rather by pulling back the curtains on the learning process. Public and private, K-12 and higher ed, formal and informal, academic and authentic, our goal is to mainstream the learning process.

31 (And Counting) Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom | Edudemic - 78 views

    Have you heard? There's a Google Doc out there right now that's quickly becoming a tremendous resource. 100 (and counting) people have joined @tombarrett and have been collaborating on it in order to build what is quite possibly one of the best presentati
    This is a really interesting video

Social Learning Tools for the School Classroom - 119 views

    This is a new page  of the Directory showing SOCIAL tools particularly targeted at (or very useful) for the primary, junior, middle and secondary school classrooms. (The rest of the Directory also provides useful tools)

Library Stuff | 130 Tools in 160 Minutes - 333 views

    • jleighstern
      This list is overwhelming but contains a wonderful list of tools that may be helpful. Use this site at your own pace. A Possible activity for students could be writing a review of a site. 
    Large list of great tools 
John Lustig

How One Teacher Uses Twitter in the Classroom - 25 views

    -Watch the vide embedded in the article.
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