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MichaeL Gurr

Stages of Learning Sport Skills - 38 views

  • Stages of Learning Sport
  • cognitive stage
  • Beginners are not always aware of what they did wrong, nor do they know how to correct errors. They need basic, specific instruction and feedback during this phase.
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  • understands the fundamentals of the skill and is in the process of refining the skill
  • experience fewer errors and can detect some of them on their own
  • more consistent and learners begin to know what is relevant and what is not.
  • point the skill is well learned
  • performs the skill automatically without having to focus on execution
  • few errors and athletes can detect and know how to correct them. They can concentrate more on other aspects of the game.
  • athletes transition from learning the goal of the skill to perfecting it, coaches can diversify instruction and practice conditions.
  • For closed skills, practices should be structured to match the conditions of competition. For open skills, the coach must systematically vary the conditions under which the skill is being learned and performed in preparation for competition. See Training Variation
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