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Nigel Coutts

Schools are made of People - The Learner's Way - 8 views

    Schools are made of people. Schools are all about people. Schools are made from the connections between people. Schools exist to serve people and make the lives of all people better.
Nigel Coutts

The Trouble with Change Management in Schools - The Learner's Way - 13 views

    Taken simplistically there could be a feeling that due to the complexity of large systems change becomes an uncontrollable beast with a mind of its own. 
Matt Renwick

What Reflects a Great School? Not Test Scores - Education Week - 79 views

  • These gains often turn out to be an achievement mirage
  • Three interconnected factors are as essential for whole-school achievement as knowing how to teach well: trust, collaboration, and authenticity.
  • professional learning is ongoing and embedded
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  • They let parents know through social media, a phone call, or an email when a child has done something well
  • observe, coach, and co-teach
    • Matt Renwick
      Teacher Rounds/Peer Observations
  • rich and extensive classroom libraries
  • students choice and easy access to books
  • they partner with teachers to ensure that all resources and texts used in the classroom are well written and are crafted by notable authors
  • the quality of relationships within the school and across the community
Craig Campbell

Rethinking Schools - 67 views

    good ideas for lessons

UKEdMag: The Outdoor Classroom - Let's get Growing Schools - 11 views

    Get pupils outdoors
Michelle Kassorla

How Shadowing my 2nd Grader led to a new view of Tech in the Classroom - 68 views

    An essay that presents the difficulty of technology integration in the classroom and why we should do it anyway.
Sean Nash

Avoiding "Unmitigated Disasters" - nashworld - 41 views

    "After stumbling upon the article, "Switch to e-books was 'an unmitigated disaster,' says school principal," in my feed this past week, it occurred to me that there are increasingly predictable patterns surrounding stories of failed "innovation" in digital learning initiatives. Schools have been assigning computers to each child for some time now. And still, we continue to see stories like this in the media. In short: we can do better than this."
Martin Burrett

Exploring the Blue Sky - 63 views

    Blog post exploring the opportunities for professional development
Steven Szalaj

Schools need to teach students to maintain attention - - 6 views

    Schwartz is a professor of social theory and social action at Swarthmore College.  Here he presents a case for working at sustained attention in schools.
Roland Gesthuizen

Can Architects Prevent Gun Deaths? | Smart News - 28 views

  • On Archinect, a discussion forum for architects, Peter Normand wondered what he could do to design spaces that reduced the chances of getting shot
    "Guns are on the minds of Americans. We're not sure if we should ban them, control them or give them away for free. Politicians are debating what we should do with them. Teachers are worrying how to keep them out of schools or how to train kids to respond. And architects wonder if they can design gunman-proof buildings. "
Jennie Snyder

Elizabeth English: Why So Many Schools Remain Penitentiaries of Boredom - 80 views

  • Instead, educators must become designers of doing.
  • eaching is a highly skilled craft, requiring not only explicit objectives, but a beautifully designed and irresistible learning experience that asks students think critically, solve a problem, create a product.
  • Educational leaders have to have the courage to reinvent our schools for real this time. And our teachers must be teachers of children as well as teachers of their subject area. This means possessing pedagogical knowledge -- the tools in the tool belt to design a lesson for the students of the present and the problems of the future.
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  • Our schools and teaching have to be worthy of a student's attention.
  • And here's where our schools become relevant once more: in teaching our children to evaluate and use that information in ways that are important and meaningful and to satisfy their fundamental human desire to construct solutions for the world full of engaging and pressing problems they will inherit.
Jennie Snyder

What If Schools Created a Culture of "Do" INSTEAD of a Culture of "Know?" - The Tempere... - 106 views

    On cultural change needed in schools to move forward. Great post by Bill Ferriter. 
Smith Shots

Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion | Economy on GOOD - 55 views

    "Why Schools Should Help Students Find Their Passion"
Tracy Tuten

How to Fix the Schools - - 1 views

  • Teachers — many of them — will continue to resent efforts to use standardized tests to measure their ability to teach.
  • Tucker, 72, a former senior education official in Washington, is the president of the National Center on Education and the Economy, which he founded in 1988. Since then he has focused much of his research on comparing public education in the United States with that of places that have far better results than we do — places like Finland, Japan, Shanghai and Ontario, Canada. His essential conclusion is that the best education systems share common traits — almost none of which are embodied in either the current American system or in the reform ideas that have gained sway over the last decade or so.
  • His starting point is not the public schools themselves but the universities that educate teachers. Teacher education in America is vastly inferior to many other countries; we neither emphasize pedagogy — i.e., how to teach — nor demand mastery of the subject matter. Both are a given in the top-performing countries. (Indeed, it is striking how many nonprofit education programs in the U.S. are aimed at helping working teachers do a better job — because they’ve never learned the right techniques.)
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  • Tucker believes that teachers should be paid more — though not exorbitantly. But making teacher education more rigorous — and imbuing the profession with more status — is just as important. “Other countries have raised their standards for getting into teachers’ colleges,” he told me. “We need to do the same.”
  • High-performing countries don’t abandon teacher standards. On the contrary. Teachers who feel part of a collaborative effort are far more willing to be evaluated for their job performance — just like any other professional. It should also be noted that none of the best-performing countries rely as heavily as the U.S. does on the blunt instrument of standardized tests. That is yet another lesson we have failed to learn.
    On what's wrong with our education system 
Steven Szalaj

How to Fix the Schools - - 97 views

    Excellent essay on improving education in America
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