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June Jones

Using Diigo in the Classroom - Student Learning with Diigo - 182 views

    Diigo is a powerful information capturing, storing, recalling and sharing tool. Here are just a few of the possibilities with Diigo
    Great information that will help both educators and students figure out how to use Diigo in the classroom.
Kathy Malsbenden

Alan November Comes to Town « Ed Tech Ideas - 50 views

  • Diigo is a fantastic tool. One I’ve used for quite some time now to keep my bookmarks organized and available no matter where I am.  During the workshop, Alan said something to the effect of, In the library, Dewey did all the tagging. Today, we have to teach kids how to do this.”
  • Ed Tech Ideas: I teach 3 different grade levels, and my different classes are always researching for one project or another. Students are always finding great sites, but at best, they bookmark it to their local computer, never to be seen by others. Now with our Diigo groups (I created one for each grade level), kids learn how to tag, organize, and share their finds with everyone else in the group. Everyone benefits from group knowledge, and the students learn an important skill that will stay with them and grow throughout their academic lives.
Maggie Tsai

Project: Getting started with Diigo social bookmarking - a checklist | ESCalate - 65 views

  • 1. Request an educator's upgrade for Diigo; this will allow you to create private student groups that cannot be found by public search engines
    2. Use Diigo to invite students to join the group; follow up with emails as necessary
    3. Refer students to online videos on social bookmarking, to make sure that students understand what social bookmarking involves.
    4. Seed the group with some example texts, including comments and annotations, so that students understand your expectations.
    5. Ask students to practice, to find out what issues they might have.
    6. Give feedback on early attempts, to reassure students they are on the right tracks.
Aaryn Schmuhl

10 Reasons to use Diigo - Articles - Educational Technology - ICT in Education - 67 views

  • you're less likely to lose all your bookmarks in the event of a hard drive meltdown
  • where the 'social' comes in, by saving your bookmarks on the web, suitably tagged, other people will be able to see your bookmarks on a particular topic, and you will be able to see theirs
  • Many hands make light work.
Maggie Tsai

Thing 13 Diigo vs Delicious | Learning with Technology - 62 views

  • First, the option to look up people in different ways such as their real name, user name or how they tagged something allows for better networking.  I also am very impressed with the idea of lists.  Although, I am still trying to figure out how to implement them, I am excited that this would be a great tool for the classroom use for research and or sharing.  In addition, I have just spent hours trying to figure out the snapshot feature.  I think I will break down and watch a tutorial.  However, I truly like to try to figure things out on my own. It seems to me I am just hitting the surface of Diigo.  Delicious does not seem to have as many bells and whistles.
  • I have always liked Social Bookmarking.  I wish we could get more teachers to network and therefore share tags.  If you had a set of tags that were standard, you could easily create websites that coincided with curriculum, standards and which time of year they were for.   Social Bookmarking is a great way to collaborate and find some great treasures.
Maggie Tsai

FL08 - 21st Century Researching with Diigo - PETE&C 2009 - 0 views

  • Program Description: Learn how to harness the powerful research tools and knowledge-sharing community of Diigo to take your students’ researching capabilities into the 21st century. Through the new Teacher Console and educational accounts your students can safely access the bookmarking and annotation features of Diigo and can collaborate through secure class groups.
Andy Whiteway

Education - Tutorial: Two Uses of Technology to Improve Literacy and Critic... - 2 views

    • Andy Whiteway
      Very useful and a valuable example of how diigo can be used in educational practice
kathy dounelis

Highly recommend Diigo Educator Account - Classroom 2.0 - 2 views

  • I tried out Diigo educator and was REALLY impressed. This let me very quickly (and with no email addresses needed) set up accounts for 30 students. I then created a group for all 3 classes to use and added all the students to the group. In this case, since I only have one more day with the kids and am not sure if they'll be using Diigo after this, I just used the 30 accounts for multiple classes, but if this were for my actual students, I would have created an account for each student. Anyway, once all the students were added to the group, I just instructed them to make sure to share every bookmark for this project with the group. All of the students will then be able to view all of the bookmarks. Again, we couldn't install even the diigolet, but saving right from Diigo worked fine for our purposes. They used the same technique of tagging with last name, class hour, and other appropriate tags.

    I taught both of these methods in a 45 minute class period and the actual explanation of the bookmarking technique took only 7-10 min. of each class period. The kids (7th graders) picked up on it EXTREMELY fast.
  • for long term use and for individual projects I strongly recommend using Diigo educator, especially since I use Diigo so heavily in my personal and professional web research.
  • I highly recommend Diigo Educator to any teacher!
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • then created a group for all 3 classes to use and added all the students to the group. In this case, since I only have
Maggie Tsai

Connect@NMC: Social Bookmarking 2.0 with diigo | nmc - 0 views

  • Calling what it offers as Social Bookmarking 2.0, diigo is a free tool that features a wide range of research and collaboration tools of interest for educators. Join us Wednesday, January 14, 2008 at 9:00AM Pacific Time
  • Please join us in this free event in the NMC Connect Seminar Room at
Maggie Tsai

Diigo: Why I use it. « Rhondda's Reflections - wandering around the Web - 0 views

    • So why do I use Diigo?  

      • I like its ability to enhance my bookmarking with highlights and sticky notes, that are retained with the page when I go back to it.
      • I like that you can highlight and publish easily from Diigo to you blog or an email, and a reference appears automatically along with the posting.
      • I like the ability to create lists on specific topics that can be shared.
      • I like the ability to create groups to pool resources for specific subjects. I recently joined a few Diigo groups and have had some very useful sites brought to my attention.
      • I like that you can access and search the bookmarks anywhere by full-text and tags.
      • I like to search for the most popular bookmarks on a particular subject.
      • I like the different ways to share and aggregate information that  Diigo offers. I have set it up so that a list of my new bookmarks appears on this blog on a weekly basis but this is just one option. You can now choose to automatically
      • The tool bar is easy to download and makes it easy to use and aspect of Diigo whenever you are on line.
  • Of course you can keep things private if you choose to but that is really defeating the purpose of Diigo in the first place.

    Diigo also began offering, on Sept 19th, a Diigo Education Account Facility. I haven’t investigated this yet but a post about it was put onto the SLAV Bright Ideas blog. It is worth looking at. From Diigo

    ‘The Diigo Educator Accounts offer a suite of features that makes it incredibly easy for teachers to get their entire class of students or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo’s powerful web annotation and social bookmarking technology.’

    For an educator account, you do have to apply and fill out how/why you want to use Diigo in your school.

Maggie Tsai

OPLS blog » Diigo - Delicious killer? - 0 views

  • Although it pains me to say it, I think there is something better than Delicious out there. I first came across Diigo in the summer and have been playing with it on and off ever since.  Social bookmarking has been an absolute godsend to education and Delicious was at the forefront of that - but, in my view, it’s been surpassed.

    I had high hopes of the latest version when it was released at the end of July, but, to be honest, they just focused on the instructional design and look-and-feel rather than functionality.  You still can’t create groups or lists, or send messages to the people in your network, and you can’t annotate either.  All of which can be accomplished in Diigo and more

  • Diigo groups are ideal for team research
    If you have any need for team-based research, Diigo groups are ideal for you. A Diigo group can be public, private or semi-private.

    Pool and organize resources using group bookmarks
    When a member of a Diigo group comes across a web page, he can highlight, tag, and share it to the group. In this way, group bookmarks become a repository of collective research. Group members can also vote up bookmarks so important information stays on the top.

    Group sticky notes are great for discussion
    When adding sticky notes, you can make them private, public, or viewable only by members of a certain group. With group sticky notes, group members can interact and discuss important points right on the web page, preserving the original context.

    Group tag dictionary to enforce tagging consistency
    The group administrator can define a set of recommended tags for the group to help enforce tagging consistency.

    Diigo has recently launched an education version, where you can create class accounts and add privacy settings, so I recommend you have a look at this.

    Oh, and for those of you who can’t quite leave Delicious behind just yet, you can synch the two so that whatever you save in Diigo gets automatically put into your Delicious account as well.

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