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High Techpectations: Get Googley in Education - The Latest Resources from Diigo (weekly) - 41 views

    Get Googley in Education - The Latest Resources from Diigo (weekly): - 32 Tips For Using…

Using Diigo in the Classroom - Student Learning with Diigo - 65 views

  • Save important websites and access them on any computer. Categorize websites by titles, notes, keyword tags, lists and groups. Search through bookmarks to quickly find desired information. Save a screenshot of a website and see how it has changed over time. Annotate websites with highlighting or virtual "sticky notes." View any annotations made by others on any website visited. Share websites with g
  • Bookmark Lists
  • Extended Learning
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Personal Student Bookmarks
  • Diigo can provide a way to enrich or extend learning about a topic.
  • Beyond extended student learning, Diigo can be used as a form of professional development.
  • Research  Teaching students to research is a common standard across all grade levels, elementary, middle school, high school, and beyond. Diigo excels as a research tool: Students can save relevant websites to lists in their Diigo student accounts. Each saved bookmark captures the URL and a screenshot, and can be searched later. Students can highlight important information right on the website, using Diigo. Later, when students return to the website, they find the reason they saved the bookmark in the first place. Students can use virtual sticky notes to summarize the important points of information from the website. This activity will mimic the time-tested procedure of using note cards to summarize and organize research projects. Students working on similar topics can create and join groups in order to collaborate. Later, when students need to document their sources, Diigo can be used to recall website URLs for citing sources.
    • mdause
      How in the WORLD do I do the social part of it?? This seems useful, but I'm still trying to figure out how to let the kids collaborate on Outliners and then share the Outliners with me easily. I bet there's something huge that I'm missing here...
June Jones

Video Training - Student Learning with Diigo - 118 views

    This website gives additional tutorials about setting up Digo in the classroom.
Ted Curran

Student Learning with Diigo - 109 views

  • With Diigo you can keep track of those favorite websites and revisit them from any computer at any time.
  • With Diigo  you can keep track of those favorite websites and revisit them from any computer at any time.
  •  Diigo is a great web-based tool for teachers to utilize, to motivate, and to engage students of all ages in the learning process.
Delia DeCourcy

Diigo 101 - Student Learning with Diigo - 113 views

    "Three main navigation menus of Diigo are My Library, My Network, and My Group which are connected to the key principles of Diigo, explicitly, researching, sharing and collaborating. All information and items collected by users are entered into the My Library on the Diigo serve"
    We invite you to explore the various features of Diigo. Become educated and informed on the powerful use of Diigo for student learning. Learn how this research tool can enhance classroom instruction and promote higher levels of student collaboration. As you navigate through our site you will see examples of valuable lessons and resources, all displayed for your use.
June Jones

Using Diigo in the Classroom - Student Learning with Diigo - 182 views

    Diigo is a powerful information capturing, storing, recalling and sharing tool. Here are just a few of the possibilities with Diigo
    Great information that will help both educators and students figure out how to use Diigo in the classroom.
Kathy Malsbenden

Classroom 2.0 LIVE-Resources for 10-31-09-Diigo v. 4 on gl·am - Link Group Se... - 72 views

    Resources from the classroom 2.0 Diigo session
Mr. Loftus

YouTube - Diigo V3: Highlight & Share the Web! Social Bookmarking 2.0 - 4 views

  • Diigo ~ more than a research tool - a knowledge sharing community. Easy-to-use and so powerful...
Ed Webb

Liberal Education Today : 7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation - 63 views

  • 7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation “7 Things You Should Know About Collaborative Annotation” introduces readers to programs like Diigo, SideWiki, and ReFrameit (pdf). A group of liberal arts faculty and staff use Diigo to share their research into computer gaming for teaching and research.
Kathleen Dorsey

indispensibletools / FrontPage - 7 views

    Alphabetical listing of many tools
Dean Mantz

Diigo Tutorials - 1 views

    This is a list of Diigo help/manuals for performing a variety of tasks.
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