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Deborah Baillesderr

Resources on Learning and the Brain | Edutopia - 27 views

    Browse a list of articles, videos, and other links for brain research in education.
Clint Heitz

CATME | Smarter Teamwork Tools - 1 views

    • Assigning students to teams:
      CATME Team-Maker
    • Self and peer evaluations and rating team processes:
      CATME Peer Evaluation
    • Training students to rate teamwork:
      CATME Rater Calibration
    • Training students to work in teams:
      CATME Teamwork Training
    • Making meetings more effective:
      CATME Meeting Support
    • Gather information from students and provide feedback to students.
    • Understand their student teams’ processes, team-members’ contributions, and students’ perspectives on their team experience.
    • Be aware of problems that are occurring on their students’ teams
    • Hold students accountable for contributing to their teams.
    • Use best practices when managing student team experiences.
Clint Heitz

How To Manage Group Work - The Learning Scientists - 3 views

    A look at tools and resources regarding effective group work in the classroom.

Data Nuggets - 42 views

    graphing and inquiry activities
Tim Cooper - 33 views

    Great article on research on the maker movement and learning
Don Doehla

Johnson: Language networks: When bigger isn't better | The Economist - 20 views

    HOW would you rank "important" languages? If asked to rattle them off, many people start with English, but after that are reluctant to go further. Important how, they ask. One approach would be to look at people and money: surely a language is important if it is spoken by lots of people, in countries with great wealth (and presumably, therefore, power).
Elaine Matheny

What Works Clearinghouse - 53 views

    This is a collection of education studies for what really works.
Nick Creach

Best Infographics 41.jpg (1560×1031) - 75 views

    Think about an infographic project(s)
Matt Renwick - 34 views

    Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading

Games in Education - 80 views

    Gaming is the newest trend in education, but what resources are there for teachers? This website is a storehouse of gaming resources and research to support this popular way of learning.
Don Doehla

The Importance of Fluency and Automaticity for Efficient Reading - 43 views

    The reading process involves two separate but highly interrelated areas - word identification and comprehension. It is well established that difficulties in automatic word recognition significantly affect a reader's ability to effectively comprehend what they are reading (Lyon, 1995; Torgeson, Rashotte, and Alexander, 2001). Even mild difficulties in word identification can pull attention away from the underlying meaning, reduce the speed of reading, and create the need to reread selections to grasp the meaning. Many students who struggle to learn to read are able, with appropriate instruction, to compensate for initial reading problems by becoming accurate decoders but fail to reach a level of sufficient fluency to become fast and efficient readers. Thus, the development of techniques for improving automaticity and fluency is critical. Although the research is clear that a systematic alphabetic approach to teaching beginning readers is more effective than a whole word approach (Adams, 1990; Chall, 1996; Snow, Burns and Griffin, 1009), the most effect ways to develop fluency are less well understood.
Gerald Carey

The KYVL for Kids Research Portal - How to do research Home Base - 3 views

    Mainly for younger children but I think it would work for middle school.
    The good thing about it is that each step has a link that explains the step in more detail.
Don Doehla

Knowledge in Action: "AP+" Project: Research on a Project-Based Learning Approach to AP... - 25 views

    Knowledge in Action, AP+Project-Research-a #PBL Approach to #AP via @Edutopia #actfl #langchat @ascd @biepbl #pblchat
Thieme Hennis

mLearning Guide - 2 views

    very good guide on developing mobile learning solutions. rich resource
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