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Five Reasons to Stop Saying "Good Job!" - 118 views

    Thought-provoking article on possible harms of praise if motive is simply to get child to repeat behavior.  Should focus more on how child's actions made others feel.
MJ Kraus

Mind - When a Parent's Love Comes With Conditions - - 0 views

  • praising children for doing something right isn’t a meaningful alternative to pulling back or punishing when they do something wrong. Both are examples of conditional parenting, and both are counterproductive.
  • In practice,
  • unconditional acceptance by parents as well as teachers should be accompanied by “autonomy support”: explaining reasons for requests, maximizing opportunities for the child to participate in making decisions, being encouraging without manipulating, and actively imagining how things look from the child’s point of view.
    Conditional parenting vs. unconditional love, with research support
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