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7 Key Considerations for Online and Blended Learning Programs -- THE Journal - 19 views

  • Online courses provide students with a level of flexibility and choice
    • clbrink
      This is true....choice and voice are important 
  • Infuse digital literacy and citizenship into your online strategy. "
  • Find a good partner to work with
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  • Reach out when students appear to be struggling.
  • Use online learning to reach a more diverse group of learners.
  • Put a spotlight on interpersonal communications.
  • strong collaboration between students, teachers and parents.
  • . The discussions are asynchronous, so students can share their input when it best suits them.
  • Outline the virtual school's objectives and goals early in the game.
  • discipline, commitment, and organization are key traits for any successful student,
  • four- to five-day orientation course
    • clbrink
      Should we be doing this in CAA?

Criterion-referenced assessment - 36 views

    Criterion & norm-reference testing
H DeWaard

Peer Pressure Will Help You Finish That MOOC | EdSurge News - 11 views

    using group structures in MOOCs to encourage completion - co-workers, book club 2.0 or virtual collaborators - success higher when teams can meet in person, teams average size is 4.2; start working with people you know; be creative with virtual collaboration; customizable design for personal projects
Peggy Draver

Resources for Developing Online Interaction | online learning insights - 50 views

    A collection of resources to encourage interaction and building a community of learning for educators that seek to develop their skills and create online discussions and interaction. Organized by topics targeted to faculty, instructors, K-12 educators and instructional designers.
Lynda Monick-Isenberg

Five Pedagogical Practices to Improve Your Online Course - 62 views

    Because online courses have fewer opportunities for the spontaneous, real-time exchanges of the face-to-face classroom, online instruction requires a deliberate approach to design and facilitation. As Bethany Simunich says, "Online, learning doesn't happen by chance."
Michael Sheehan

8 Incredible online museums for kids to explore - 59 views

    Nice collection of engaging learning opportunities to share with your students.
Michele Rosen

Dash - 29 views

shared by Michele Rosen on 15 Oct 13 - No Cached
    another online 'learn to code' platform, but with virtual assistance and code checkers (paid → good business model), and project based, so more engaging.
Thieme Hennis

Fall 2013: The Headless ds106 Syllabus - 24 views

    the headless MOOC about digital storytelling. interesting (and experimental) setup that relies on volunteers to fill in the course syllabus and content (partially then)
Thieme Hennis

Home « MOOC Campus - 1 views

    Very cool: offline campus focused on open online education and DIY learning principles. "What We Do The idea is simple. Online and DIY learners unite at a beautiful mountain resort to live an extraordinary lifestyle in a dynamic community of smart and motivated people."

Online Learning Models | Technology | Learnist - 37 views

    Examples of online ed platforms
Thieme Hennis

Find Courses ~ MOOC - 39 views

    list of connectivist online courses and xMOOC providers
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