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Don Doehla

Language Magazine » The U.S. Foreign Language Deficit - 13 views

    Americans must learn other languages! Pick one to learn, any one! Pick one that interests you. Pick one from your community, your family history... Just pick one and enlarge your mind, your connections, your world! Support others learning as well, especially your own children if you have any. 
Tonya Thomas

eLearning Guild Research: What Are the Benefits of Social Learning? by Patti Shank : Le... - 19 views

  • “zone of proximal development” (ZPD)
  • Consider for a moment the repercussions, for example, of helping people in your workplace get up to speed on a new system implementation.
  • This is expensive, of course. But even more problematic, it’s likely that the classes would be held prior to the implementation, and then people would forget much of what they learned by the time the implementation occurred
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  • you could try another scenario, which better fits the way people learn
  • keep a number of volunteers across the organization well trained, then provide asynchronous training and performance support tools for the new system and allow these local volunteers to support people at their site.
  • Bandura is the person whom we can credit with the actual phrase “social learning.”
Tonya Thomas

The Accidental Instructional Designer by Cammy Bean : Learning Solutions Magazine - 2 views

  • Consider a degree or certificate program in instructional design or educational technology. This isn’t a requirement to career success, but may give you the kick-start and the inspiration you need if you’re just getting started, or want to gain deeper expertise.
Sean Sweeney

HIP2B2 - 61 views

    interesting graphic science magazine
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