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Roland Gesthuizen

School Report - BBC News School Report explained - 7 views

  • In March, schools take part in an annual News Day, creating video, audio and text-based news reports, and publishing them on a school website, to which the BBC aims to link. The next News Day is Thursday 21 March 2013. Listen
    "BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. Using lesson plans and materials from this website, and with support from BBC staff and partners, teachers help students develop their journalistic skills to become School Reporters."
Roland Gesthuizen

BBC News - School ICT to be replaced by computer science programme - 3 views

  • "Instead of children bored out of their minds being taught how to use Word or Excel by bored teachers, we could have 11-year-olds able to write simple 2D computer animations," he said.
  • "Children are being forced to learn how to use applications, rather than to make them. They are becoming slaves to the user interface and are totally bored by it,"
    The current programme of information and communications technology (ICT) study in England's schools will be scrapped from September, the education secretary has announced. It will be replaced by an "open source" curriculum in computer science and programming designed with the help of universities and industry.
N Butler

BBC - GCSE Bitesize - English Literature - Video summaries - 60 views

    Great place for video summaries on stories.

BBC News - Language universality idea tested with biology method - 18 views

    A long-standing idea that human languages share universal features that are dictated by human brain structure has been cast into doubt. A study reported in Nature has borrowed methods from evolutionary biology to trace the development of grammar in several language families. The results suggest that features shared across language families evolved independently in each lineage. The authors say cultural evolution, not the brain, drives language development.
Steve Ransom

BBC News - Plagiarism: The Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V boom - 87 views

  • "There's no such thing as originality anyway, just authenticity."
  • "Being 'original' does not mean having novel ideas never before expressed by a human. It simply means doing the work for yourself."
    "There's no such thing as originality anyway, just authenticity." Carroll agrees: "Being 'original' does not mean having novel ideas never before expressed by a human. It simply means doing the work for yourself."
Dov Emerson

BBC News - Profile update: Your teacher has now joined Facebook - 38 views

Ann Steckel

BBC News - Is multi-tasking a myth? - 36 views

  • What that suggests, the researchers say, is that multi-task are more easily distracted by irrelevant information. The more we multi-task, the less we are able to focus properly on just one thing.
  • A raft of studies has found that, actually, multi-tasking is a good way to do several things badly.
  • We're not really multi-tasking. We're switching between tasks in an unfocused or clumsy way."
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Amazing, but as it turns out, quite logical. "The brain has very specialised modules for different tasks, like language processing and spatial recognition. It stands to reason that two similar tasks are much harder to do simultaneously, because they're using similar bits of tissue."
  • Driving and talking doesn't use the same bits of brain. Answering an e-mail while chatting on the phone does. In effect, we are creating information bottlenecks.
Dimitris Tzouris

BBC News - Schools must embrace mobile technology - 30 views

Martin Burrett

World News For Schools - 56 views

    A podcast of world news from the BBC for children aged 7 - 14. Download daily Mon-Fri.,+RE,+Citizenship,+Geography+&+Environmental
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