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Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Times Tables - Online Game to help learn mulitplication - 110 views

    A new math site designed to assist students with learning their basic multiplication facts.

XtraMath - 126 views

    This site helps students practise basic maths skills through short online exercises that are intended to be used each day. Teacher can get analysis of progress and more. Signing up a class is quick and easy.

Race around the clock times tables - Resources - TES - 0 views

    A worksheet that can be used to test times tables. The children write whatever times table they are doing (4x, 8x etc) in the star in the middle of the sheet and times the number on the outside of the track by that number. They then write the answers of the times table in the boxes in the inside of the track. Lower ability children can be asked to +2, +4 etc to the number on the outside of the track instead of completing times tables. Give children 2 or 3 minutes to complete the race. Photocopy back to back and ask higher ability children to complete both sides. I made this worksheet during a teaching practice with Year 3 - it works well.
Roberta Bandfield

Math Worksheets | Dynamically Created Math Worksheets - 113 views

    A large maths worksheet site where you can create sheets for a range of primary and secondary topics. [Be aware - site contains advertising and pop-ups]
taconi12 :: Mathematics Enrichment :: February 2012 Front Page - 60 views

    Nrich is a vast maths site with great interactive games and resources for young children right up to college mathematicians.
Deanna Deveau - Interactive Games - 64 views

    Interactive multiplication games
Martin Burrett

Math Interactives - 207 views

    Nice IWB or Smart board activities for both theory and application of maths concepts.
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    Not getting into your site. Is it down?
    I hoped if I just waited a day the site would be back up. I really am interested in good math interactives. I am hopeful the site will be restored or redirected.
    I agree. The day I used it, it was fine but the day after it was down. It seems the whole 'learnalberta' site is down.
    Ok. I offer this site instead:
    Ok, as of Thursday at 8:30 (Australian Time) this site is back up!
    A great general maths site with lots of tutorials, activities and games which will help your students at school and at home.
Neil Ringrose

Powerful free resource to support learning your times tables - 56 views

    Times tables are important. Use this free resource from SUMS online to practise and test your times tables skills.

Math Live - 105 views

    An amazing, vast and well made maths site with interactive animated lessons on every area of the primary curriculum. Make sure you check out the glossary section for a superb interactive maths dictionary. A must try site!
    Great math animations and activities to teach math concepts on the IWB
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