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Maureen Greenbaum

How Big Data Is Taking Teachers Out of the Lecturing Business: Scientific American - 0 views

  • David Heckman, a mathematician, was accustomed to lecturing to the class, but he had to take on the role of a roving mentor, responding to raised hands and coaching students when they got stumped
  • alarmingly high numbers of students showing up on campus unprepared to do college-level work.
  • Like institutions at every level of American education, it is going through some wrenching changes. The university has lost 50 percent of its state funding over the past five years.
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  • more efficient way to shepherd students through basic general-education requirements—particularly those courses, such as college math, that disproportionately cause students to drop out
  • That fall, with little debate or warning, it placed 4,700 students into computerized math courses. Last year some 50 instructors coached 7,600 Arizona State students through three entry-level math courses running on Knewton software. By the fall of 2014 ASU aims to adapt six more courses, adding another 19,000 students a year to the adaptive-learning ranks.
Tracy Tuten

The Socratic Method - 4 views

    example and guidelines on using the socratic method in the classroom
Marc Patton

dy/dan - 72 views

    My name is Dan Meyer and I like to teach.
Steve Ransom

June 13, 2011 : The Daily Papert - 23 views

    "While it's true that most people in math class don't learn much math, most kids in French class don't learn much French. But, we don't say that they are not "French-ly minded." We don't say that they don't have a head for French because we know that if they grew-up in France, they would learn French perfectly well. And I think that my image of learning mathematics is that if we all learned mathematics in "Mathland," we would all learn mathematics perfectly well. "
Sigrid Murphy

modeling instruction - 41 views

    When students create the knowledge, there is no need for textbooks, lectures, or videos
Frank Noschese

What Khan Academy looks like in my classroom… | LASD and Khan Academy Pilot - 22 views

    While students do Khan Academy, teacher can show "Class Energy Points Per Minute" data for motivation: #factorymodel
Frank Noschese

Sun Badges and Beyond | LASD and Khan Academy Pilot - 5 views

    LASD students using Khan Academy are ignoring exercises and videos, focusing on earning KA badges instead: #nosurprise
Frank Noschese

Khan Academy is an Indictment of Education | Action-Reaction - 16 views

    RT @vikingphysics: ; Some cognitive dissonance btwn the TED that likes Khan and also likes Sir Ken?
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