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Tim Cooper

School Yourself - Free online math lessons - 46 views

    math interactive activities and flipped resources
Rachel Hinton

The Concord Consortium | Revolutionary digital learning for science, math and engineering - 65 views

    The Concord Consortium is a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts. We create interactive materials that exploit the power of information technologies.

iPad Math App | Math Application for iPad | Math Learning Center - 97 views

    Math Learning Center Apps - Number Rack, Geoboard, Number Pieces and Number Pieces basic.  Available as iPad app and web app.
    Great set of links to virtual manipulatives for enhancing math understanding
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Free Math Help - Lessons, Games, and more - 79 views

    A variety of free tools to help students with Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Free Map Tools - Use maps in cool and unique ways - 92 views

    Calculate area, radius, and distance using this mapping website. Useful for social studies and math teachers.

Desmos | Beautiful, Free Math - 10 views

    "Graph functions, plot tables of data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more - for free!"
    Desmos is an online graphing calculator that allows the user to plot points, graph lines and parabolas. A variety of common algebraic functions are included with sliders, allowing the user to manipulate the data in real time and see the results of those changes. Students can also use it to create math art on coordinate grids.
Elaine Matheny

Desmos Graphing Calculator - 78 views

    An impressive graphing calculator. Just enter your equations and variables to draw.
    This is a free graphing calculator, online and app.

ClassTopper's Math Shortcuts - 45 views

    Un libro digital gratuito lleno de trucos para efectuar cálculo mentales más rápidos. Muy útil para esos ratos en los que no se sabe muy bien cómo optimizar el tiempo en clase y se necesita una ración extra de adrenalina para liberar energías.
megan Heath

Apptivities - 9 views

    application of apps for educational use
Carol Mortensen

Free learning videos go viral - - 2 views

    STORY HIGHLIGHTSSalman Khan: I had no idea my learning videos would go viralHe says he's given up hedge fund work, dedicated himself to nonprofitKhan: Videos and software don't replace teachers but can make them more effectiveTeachers can cut lecturing time and work with students one on one, he says
Gerald Carey

Free math resources proliferate on the web- Southeast Texas P-16 Council - 118 views

    Have linked some of these to the Maths Web Sites group but this blog is worth looking at for general Maths resources.
Phil Taylor

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 teacher guide - 56 views

    Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 teacher guide basic math to precalculus- visualize math concepts...???
Frances Brisentine

Math - Online Calculator - Formula Library - 86 views

    My students in physics classes always come in with a broad range of math ability. Through the class, I teach and reteach a lot of math and sometimes understanding the content gets lost in the stresses of learning the math/algebra. Though to truely understand the interplay between rates and proportions involved a strong math background helps the content and big picture can be grasped even if the math must be buoyed. I hope this program assists my students this year to be more confident with the math so the physics concepts do not get lost. 
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