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Danuta Woloszynowicz

More powerful pencils: 1:1 Laptop Programs and 21st century learning « 21k12 - 169 views

    BYOD blog entry
Lorri Carroll

10 years after laptops come to Maine schools, educators say technology levels playing f... - 73 views

  • We have math teachers doing online skill-based type of things and online quizzes,” Robinson said. Students use a site called, Glogster where they create digital posters, and upload photos and music for reports.
    • Steve Ransom
      Pretty low-level use for math... there are so many more powerful things that laptops could be used for.
  • Having laptops means all students can do the same quality report, regardless of their parents' income, “because they all have the same tools,”
  • We tried filtering. It's a losing battle,” Robinson said. “There's always a way around it. Now our approach is teaching responsibility.”
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  • “At our house, there are signs, 'No Facebook from 7 to 9:30,'” Angus King said. “Part of it is supervision, he said. You don't hand the keys to your car to your teenager without rules.
Cammy Torgenrud

Project Red: Do 1:1 right or don't do it at all | ZDNet - 61 views

  • those 9 factors (called Key Implementation Factors, or KIFs in the Project documentation) that need to be present in a school to truly realize the full potential of major 1:1 investments
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