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Michael Sheehan

6 powerful interactive history sites - 180 views

    Collection of very cool history websites.
    Link isn't working at my school.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: American Centuries - Interactive Online Museum - 107 views

    This interactive online museum is a great resource for history teachers.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: Mapping History - Hundreds of Animated and interactive maps of hi... - 121 views

    Excellent collection of animated and interactive maps about the history of the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Africa.
Stacy Olson

Mapping History - 121 views

    interactive and animated site to illustrate historical events.  Currently features maps, modules, other  material on American, European, Latin American, and African history.
    Interactive and animated representations of fundamental historical problems and illustrations of historical events.
Elizabeth Kahn

Science and Technology of WWII - 59 views

    Interactive website from the National WWII Museum in New Orleans with STEM resources for teaching the science and technology of WWII. 

Create Free Interactive Timelines - Stories Displayed on Maps | myHistro - 94 views

    Create Free Interactive Timelines - Stories displayed on maps using Google Earth
    crazy cool app that mixes timelines and maps creating an interactive story.
Carol Findlay

Civil War Interactive Poster | - 12 views

    Interactive poster
Michele Brown

TimeMaps - World History Atlas - 93 views

    Combination of maps, timelines and narratives.
Martin Burrett

HistoryWorld - 116 views

    A comprehensive history site with entries from all over the world and most big events since the big bang. Some content is not suitable for young children.
Kelly Boushell

Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian | Plymoth Plantation - 85 views

    "What really happened at the First Thanksgiving? Become a history detective and find out! In this fun, award-winning activity, kids take on the role of "history detectives" to investigate what really happened at the famous 1621 celebration. (Hint: It was a lot more than just a feast!) Along the way, they'll read a letter written by an eyewitness to the event, learn about Wampanoag traditions of giving thanks, and visit Pilgrim Mary Allerton's home. As a final activity, kids can design and print their own Thanksgiving exhibit panel."
Jeff Crews

Discovery Education streaming - Atlas Interactive Map - 106 views

    Interactive Atlas of the World
Callie Huntington

The First Thanksgiving Student Activities for Grades PreK-12 | - 71 views

  • your Classroom
  • Decorate your Classroom
    Thanksgiving Interactive Resources
Jason Schmidt

Classics for Kids - 81 views

    Great music education resource. Provides the opportunity to listen to classical music and gives excellent support materials.
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