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Martin Burrett

Google Museum of the World - 86 views

    A superb site from Google and the British museum. An interactive timeline of interconnected historical objects from all over the world. Click on them to view details.
Deborah Baillesderr

Google World Wonders Project - 133 views

    I'm a great fan of google but until it shows a balanced sample I will not use it. I am sad to see only places 2 in South America... "Route 66" made their list and the Machu Picchu ruins did not?? and we are talking about World Wonders? I think I rather use UNESCO's map I find google's WWP misleading and ethnocentric... but an outstanding work in progress. Just saying
Dimitris Tzouris

GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world! - 119 views

    Where in the world are you? Use knowledge of geography and languages to identify the locations of random Google street views.
    This is a fun geography game where you are transported to a random part of the world through Google Street Map and you must explore and guess where you are. It's a wonderful way to expand children's knowledge of the world.
Michael Sheehan

Learning Never Stops: See the world with Google Sightseeing - 6 views

    Explore the world from your classroom with Google Sightseeing.
Jac Londe

Earth at Night 2012 - 59 views

    I live in Australia and I have NO idea what all those lights are in the OUTBACK!! There's more light in just a few spots in the Outback (and there's LOTS of those shown in the image) than in the WHOLE of New Zealand? What gives? Mining? Aliens? A data ERROR? The ABC .net site explains that the lights are bushfires! As the images were taken over a number of months, the fires may not have all been burning at the same time. April (when the images were started) may be a the worst time for fires, however, the Outback is usually dry and fires would occur at any time.
    I also live in Australia and have to agree with Colin - why so many lights in the outback? The outback of Australia is very sparsely populated and there are no big cities to generate these sort of lights. Maybe it is the aliens!!!
Doug Brunner

Google World Wonders Project - 126 views

    Explore the world's wonders.
    Amazing set of photos and much more detailed info, videos, etc. of over 100 places on earth - sorted by continent and country. Great for SS and more.
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