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Gmail Tips and Tricks - Google Apps Administrator Help - 105 views

    Level-up to become a Gmail master
Peter Beens

Notifications and engaging with others - Google Docs Help - 4 views

    Comments are most useful when you leave them for others to review. You can easily target your comments at particular people, respond to comments from within email, and easily keep track of the comments people leave in your document without having to continuously return to the document.
ivan alba

Google Docs - Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets - 168 views

    shared by many people on Twitter, 5/10/2011
Kathy Matis

Education News : Professional Development Articles :: 100+ Google Tricks for Teachers - 114 views

shared by Kathy Matis on 18 Apr 11 - No Cached
    • Convert units. Whether you want to convert currency, American and metric units, or any other unit, try typing in the known unit and the unknown unit to find your answer (like "how many teaspoons in a tablespoon" or "10 US dollars in Euros").
  • Search within a specific website. If you know you want to look up Babe Ruth in Wikipedia, type in " Babe Ruth" to go directly to the Wikipedia page about Babe Ruth. It works for any site, not just Wikipedia.
    That's a pretty comprehensive list. Good stuff. Would make for a good workshop.
Peg Dryden

100 Google Search Tricks for the Savviest of Students | Online College Courses - 185 views

    suggestions for specialized Google searches - including using Google as a proxy. Some good ideas here.
Kelvin Thompson

Google Cheat Sheet - 177 views

    Google-produced cheatsheet for increased search efficiency
Peter Beens

100+ Google Tricks That Will Save You Time in School | Online Colleges - 198 views

    huge list of google stuff, absolutely amazing

Google For Educators - 12 views

    Posters to aid student use of Google resources
    Want to help out students and colleagues with handy tips on improving search results and using popular Google products like Google Earth? Just print out these posters and hang them where everyone can see them.
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