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Julie Golden

Need Your Help!! - 34 views

New Link below. Thanks so much for letting me know. Please consider taking my survey. It is anonymous, so I won't be able to send a proper thank you.Please know that I will pay your kindness forwa...

Web 2.0 elearning collaboration E-learning teaching education higher ed edtech


Tutorial on 5 web resources for elementary teachers - 61 views

    I made this screencast using Jing.
    I can't get it to play, even after I installed the software. :(

Blooms Digital Web Tools - 13 views

    A vast collection of web 2.0 tools that have been aligned to Bloom's Taxonomy. Additionally there are descriptions and tips on how to use the resource within a classroom. The toolbar on the left guides the user to additional links such as gaming, apps, free resources.
chad bennett

ThingLink Education - ThingLink - 66 views

    interactive images. can add information, links, rich media to images. might be a good tool to use with my classes.

Best Free Web Tools For Education | Educational Technology | Learnist - 2 views

    Free web tools for educators

Web Accessibility Checklist - 17 views

    See helps to assessing how well Web resources meet accessibility guidelines. ☐  Can the application be used with only the keyboard? ☐  Do images have appropriate text descriptions? ☐  Do pages have a consistent look-and-feel? ☐  Does text have enough color contrast? ☐  Do pages includes headings and landmarks? ☐ Do form controls and widgets have labels? ☐  When styling and layout is removed, is the document understandable? ☐  Does audio content have transcripts? ☐  Do videos have captions?

Teach the Web (MOOC) - 3 views

    Laura Hilliger blog here discusses the mozilla Teach the web" MOOC to start may 2. content to include: Introduction to Webmaker is all about community, openness and collaboration. Remix and Contextualize is all about putting web literacy skills into other types of learning plans. Do and Share is about experimenting with collaborative, participatory learning spaces and using the online community to improve your practice. Within each topic are 3 subtopics - Those are the themes we'll be focusing on weekly. 9 themes, 9 week MOOC - nice how that worked out, don't cha think? For each theme, we'll be MAKING things to explore ideas because, you know, you learn lots when you make. We'll have a chance to look at each other's makes, give feedback, and hack on ideas throughout the 9 weeks. There will be several ways to follow along. Here's what we're thinking for communication channels: Sign up to the list to participate Keep your eye on Submit your blog for aggregation Join G+ Webmaker Community Use #teachtheweb on Twitter Bookmark the Big Blue Button link for May 2nd, 23rd, and June 13th, 4pm UTC Check the calendar for Twitter chats and Big Blue Button sessions
Margaret Moore-Taylor

Explore the Constitution - National Constitution Center - 40 views

    The Constitution Center offers a free interactive U.S. Constitution with lesson plans, activities, games, videos, and historical documents. Students can explore the Constitution by article, amendment, or specific issue
Andrew McCluskey

Learning, Freedom and the Web [e-Book] - 46 views

    "How can the ideas of the open source movement help foster learning? What are the most effective ways to bring learning to everyone? How does openness help the spread of knowledge? Part exhibition catalog, part manifesto, this is a concise, fun-to-read introduction to what Mozilla is doing to support learners everywhere."
Enid Baines

Don't Confuse Technology With Teaching - Commentary - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 108 views

  • Education is not the transmission of information or ideas. Education is the training needed to make use of information and idea
  • We provide individualized instruction in how to evaluate and make use of information and ideas, teaching people how to think for themselves.
  • A set of podcasts is the 21st-century equivalent of a textbook, not the 21st-century equivalent of a teacher
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • Technology can make education bette
  • We will, instead, produce graduates who cast assumptions they've never really questioned into grammatically correct slogans, and the sloganeers with the catchiest phrases, the most confidence, and the most money will shape the future.
  • Education is not the transmission of information or ideas. Education is the training needed to make use of information and ideas.
Dana Huff

SideVibe - 157 views

    "A simple way to place useful, formative classroom lessons over any Web page. "
    Interesting... So many ed tech tools, so little time.
Smith Shots

EdTech Toolbox: Web 2 Tools by Task - 33 views

    One of the most comprehensive lists by categories of Web 2.0 tools that I have seen, with links to each. Tremendous resource!
    WOWZA! That's an incredible list!! Thank you so much for sharing this.

How to Embrace the Wild, Wild Web | MindShift - 1 views

    "In his book "Too Big to Know" Weinberger argues that society is evolving towards a system of knowledge that values uncertainty, freedom, and sheer volume, where knowledge is "the property of the network rather than that of individuals who know things." (This process becomes more apparent as more data are sent to virtual "clouds" for storage.)"
Rick Vettraino

- Top 100 Sites of 2011 - 14 views

    List of 2011 best websites for education
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