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Steve Ransom

Outdoor Preschool - Norway - YouTube - 8 views

    Wow... so much potential danger here. In America, we have successfully removed most all danger from any kind of learning. It's sanitized... and boring.
Martin Burrett

The Kid Should See This - 164 views

    This is a superb blog with fascinating child-friendly videos on a range of topics.
Deven Black

Encyclopedia of Life - 90 views

    A page for each known species
Brenda Harrold

Janine Benyus - - 7 views

    Janine Benyus a biologist and innovation consultant in biomimicry.
Brenda Harrold

Videos - AskNature - Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architectu... - 6 views

    ask nature a bio-mimicry institute project
    Science biomimicry education ask nature
James Davis

Education and computers - 47 views

    Links to articles by Steve Talbott (_The Future Does Not Compute_, _Devices of the Soul_, NetFuture online newsletter) going back more than 10 years, generally critical of the rush to technology in schools, but always thoughtful and thought-provoking.
Norma Moore

Nature Live Cams - 35 views

    wildlife and endangered species
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