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A Gardner

Tony Wagner's Seven Survival Skills - 112 views

    brief, quotes defining ea skill
Jon Tanner

Is Brick & Mortar Education Going to be Left in the Dust by Online Learning &... - 52 views

    "Cognitive theories of education that anchor approaches like Constructivism have been suggested as preferable approaches for many decades. Unfortunately traditional educational institutions, as well as certification bodies and most notably political administrations have long favored didactic instruction (basically drill and kill, lecture-centric approaches to education) because the results of these methods are far simpler to track and report. "
    This quote explains what I've been trying to articulate for a while.
Jon Tanner

21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada - YouTube - 21 views

    Good promo video by New Brunswick schools designed to provoke thought and conversation. Particularly notable quotes: "The top ten jobs today didn't exist in 2004." and "Many skills learned in public schools today will be obsolete by graduation." I have some thoughts on this at
Jennie Snyder

Will Richardson: My Kids are Illiterate. Most Likely, Yours Are Too - 10 views

    • Beverly Ozburn
      I wonder if most parents (and even some teachers) even know what this means.  Sometimes I think we are too entrenched in old-school ways of thinking students need to know and love classics instead of understanding how literature is a reflection of the times and using the classics as mentor pieces for creating something which reflects here and now!
  • kids need to be in systems that care for them and are focused on literacy they will need to be successful in their lives instead of being focused primarily on standardizing their way to "high student achievement" based on a metric that is growing less and less relevant each day
    • Beverly Ozburn
      We need to really look at our definition of the word achievement!  Do we mean they have achieved a high score by regurgitating info/facts?  Do we mean they understand something and can apply that understanding in a new and meaningful way?
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  • I'm mad that the "big" conversations around "reform" in education right now all revolve around basically doing what we've been doing for the past 100 years only "better," and that we'll get there by incentivizing teachers to teach for a test.
  • That is their reality; it wasn't ours. The NCTE knows it.
    • Beverly Ozburn
      Just like we recognize that times are different from when my parents attended a 1-room school or when there less than 50-100 in a graduating class in a whole town, we need to recognize that times today are different.
    Literacies needed for future success by Will Richardson
Tonya Thomas

New era of Workplace Learning | Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies - 0 views

  • 1 – Encourage and support individuals’ and teams’ self-sufficiency to address their own learning and performance problems.
  • So here are 5 ways that L&D can become involved:
  • 2 – Help develop autonomous workers
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  • 3 – Provide performance consulting services, where individuals and teams need help in addressing their own learning and performance problems
  • 4 – Rethink the use of learning tools and system
  • 5 – Help to develop an open, enabling culture for working and learning
  • It is clear that formal training is not going disappear overnight, but it is also becoming apparent that we are at the beginning of a fundamental shift in the way that both learning and working is happening in organisations. This should not be seen as a threat to the L&D profession, but as an opportunity to evolve the profession to take on the new challenges it offers. The first step on the path will be to become immersed in the new social media tools that are underpinning this change. Social Learning is not something you just talk or read about; it’s something you do!
Brandon Workentin

Will · The "Immeasurable" Part 2 - 98 views

    Important things are difficult to assess. Content Knowledge is easy to assess. Great infographic showing this.
Louisa Guest

ian-jukes-7-things-we-must-change.jpg 1,007×764 pixels - 123 views

    • Louisa Guest
      what areas do I need to focus on to become a better teacher?
John Mansel-Pleydell

The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have - 61 views

    Includes links to lots of valuable tools and resources
Seth Bowers

movingforward - Education Blogs by Discipline - 8 views

    " Education Blogs by Discipline Edit 210 739… This is a place to list P-12-oriented blogs that are worth sharing with others. Only list really good blogs (not wikis or web sites), please!"
Mark Gleeson

Future proof your Education - 115 views

    This blogpost takes a close look at the skills required to be prepared for the future. It discusses the importance of a skills based curriculum rather than a narrow content based one. Its inspiration is a brilliantly designed Prezi focused on Future Proofing Education. A detailed read.

How Do We Prepare Our Children for What's Next? | MindShift - 4 views

    By Tina Barseghian ...Fast forward a couple of decades (or more) and we see that the career landscape has changed so drastically that jobs need new definitions. Social media strategist, app developer, mobile web engineer?
Ann Steckel

Curriki - 21stCenturySkills_0 - 127 views

    In this unit you will learn about 21st Century Skills and how they relate to education. You will report on what you've learned by creating a document, presentation, or chart using Internet collaboration tools.
Wendy King

21 Things 4 Teachers - 177 views

    Nice compilation of tutorials and information regarding 21st Century Tools.
    ISTE- good tech references
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