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Microsoft Buys Edu Edition of Minecraft Releases OneNote Classroom Tool -- THE Journal - 24 views

    • jojomitty
      Mentoring would be wonderful for those of us who are not familiar with the workings of Minecraft but would like to use it in class.
  • free trial version
  • Minecraft transcends the differences in teaching and learning styles and education systems around the world. It's an open space where people can come together and build a lesson around nearly anything."
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    • jojomitty
      Technology = equalizer for students
  • make sure no student ever got behind in their education because of difficulties with reading... We wanted to make sure that was as little a barrier as possible, so they can focus on what they're learning."
    • jojomitty
      This is a huge bonus for ELL students!

Tutorial on 5 web resources for elementary teachers - 61 views

    I made this screencast using Jing.
    I can't get it to play, even after I installed the software. :(
Sasha Thackaberry

Hack Education - 31 views

    I've read articles from here, but amazing stuff. Audrey Watters #herooftheday

Education Week: Proper Role of Ed-Tech in Pre-K a Rising Issue - 17 views

    Early Learning

Education Is My Life | Summer of Twitter: Teacher Challenge - 8 views

    Keep up with PD and develop your PLN over summer break! Who's in? :-)
    Twitter challenge for teachers
Philip Pulley

Education Week: School Administrators Seen to Embrace New Digital Devices - 1 views

    • Philip Pulley
      Ours use them, often school provided/paid for. We will be in the top 15% next year by providing laptops?
    • Philip Pulley
      Or do we the administrators get the best "toys" first. Shouldn't these be in the hands of the teachers to make changes in how they teach so that the learning experiences can be improved FOR THE STUDENTS?
    High tech use by administrators, more than general public.
Patricia Christian

My Presentations - 96 views

    NYSABE Conference Presentation on WEB 2.0 Toolkit by Patricia Christian
Christian King

TechNyou - 3 views

    Funded by the Australia Government a great way for students to explore and research the ethics of current science and technology issues.
    Check out the resources section for a link where you can find resources aligned to the Australian National Science Curriculum. There is some great stuff there if you have a good dig around.
Kayla Schmitz

Free Online Learning at - 88 views

    Practical tips and tools for students
Jac Londe

Scientists make quantum breakthrough - 25 views

  • Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that atoms can be guided in a laser beam and possess the same properties as light guided in an optical communications fiber.
  • Abstract Speckle patterns produced by multiple independent light sources are a manifestation of the coherence of the light field. Second-order correlations exhibited in phenomena such as photon bunching, termed the Hanbury Brown–Twiss effect, are a measure of quantum coherence. Here we observe for the first time atomic speckle produced by atoms transmitted through an optical waveguide, and link this to second-order correlations of the atomic arrival times. We show that multimode matter-wave guiding, which is directly analogous to multimode light guiding in optical fibres, produces a speckled transverse intensity pattern and atom bunching, whereas single-mode guiding of atoms that are output-coupled from a Bose–Einstein condensate yields a smooth intensity profile and a second-order correlation value of unity. Both first- and second-order coherence are important for applications requiring a fully coherent atomic source, such as squeezed-atom interferometry.
  • Australian National University
Tonya Thomas

Kno - 84 views

    At last... a more true digital textbook alternative!!!
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