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"Game Changers: Education and Information Technology" a free publication from EDUCAUSE ... - 7 views

    published by EDUCAUSE, 2012 - asks "How can we reach more learners, more effectively, and with greater impact?" also....
    * How will your institution negotiate the new geography of learning?
    * In a world where information is always accessible, how will teaching and learning change?
    * What will constitute an institution of higher education in the future?
    * How do we ready our institutions, our students, and ourselves for what higher education can-and must-become?
    'Game Changers: Education and Information Technologies explores the tools and processes that can improve the quality, flexibility, and scalability of postsecondary education. The book takes a hard look at the education landscape today and asks what that landscape might look like tomorrow. It asks important questions and pushes us to open our minds about how technology will shape the universe of possibility for tomorrow's students'
    Edited by Diane G. Oblinger
    "Game Changers: Education and Information Technology" a free publication from EDUCAUSE (pdf)
Sarah Horrigan

How People are using Twitter during Conferences - 0 views

    The popularity of microblogging, with special emphasis on twitter, the most famous
    application of the kind, is growing rapidly. This kind of tools for micro-exchange of
    information and communication is changing the daily life of knowledgeable worker as well as
    Internet savvy people. From this perspective this paper aims to show how Twitter can be used
    during conferences, and furthermore how different people are using it. With the help of a
    survey and analysis of the collected data, benefits regarding the use of a microblogging tool
    such as Twitter can be presented. The publication shows evidence on how Twitter can enhance
    the knowledge of a given group or community by micro-connecting a diverse online audience.
    Statistical data was also used to support this research.
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