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How to: Export, Import and Migrate Your Delicious Bookmarks - 12 views

    Export your delicious bookmarks

YouTube Founders Find Delicious, Well, Delicious | Techland | - 15 views

    It's YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley to the rescue, snapping up social bookmarking website from Yahoo and underwriting its future. The site had been marked for "sunsetting" by Yahoo per a leaked slide last December, prompting much indignation from Delicious buffs.
Jeannie Anderson

Exploring the Use of Social Bookmarking Technology in Education - 8 views

  • As the price of higher education keeps increasing
    • Jeannie Anderson
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    Implications for how social bookmarking can impact online and offline learning are discussed.
Dallas McPheeters

Collaboration Rubric - 140 views

    Grading team work can be made simpler by having team members grade themselves and their team members using this rubric. Teams can take turns grading a weekly discussion throughout the semester and save the instructor time while helping students develop critical thinking skills.
    One has to be very critical with such rubrics. This one implies that argument is a negative trait and that to earn maximum points, one must always agree. The rubric communicates that this is what cooperation is all about. Agreement. Argument or constructive criticism is essential to the collaborative problem-solving process. This category needs to be redesigned or removed altogether. The "makes fair decisions" attribute is much more appropriate.
Maurizio Velletri

Diigo VS Delicious « Bibliweb's Blog - 60 views

    "Vous l'avez certainement remarqué, en ce moment beaucoup de professionnels de l'information migrent de Delicious à Diigo. Effet de mode ou véritable révolution? Pour tenter de le savoir, je vous propose un comparatif qui, je l'espère, vous aidera à choisir entre l'une ou l'autre des plateformes. Delicious et Diigo fonctionnent sur le même principe: ils vous permettent d'enregistrer vos favoris en ligne. Jusque-là tout va bien : la manipulation se fait en quelques clics que ce soit avec l'un ou avec l'autre. Mais une fois que l'on a créé et les favoris importés, on se retrouve dans deux univers très différents. diigo Diigo: réseau social ou l'outil de travail ? Dès la page d'accueil on trouve une ressemblance très forte avec les sites de réseaux sociaux: un profil avec vos informations personnelles, vos activités récentes ainsi que celles de vos amis. Car dans Diigo, vous avez des amis, avec qui vous pouvez converser et travailler en groupe. Le plus ? Le travail en commun permet en autre de créer une liste fermée de mots-clés pour indexer vos favoris., ce qui évite les listes de tags interminables et peu pertinentes. L'organisation des mots-clés par liste thématique peut s'avérer utile notamment lorsque l'on souhaite créer une liste de signets pour le public de la bibliothèque. Le moins ? Il faut bien dire qu'on a du mal à distinguer le véritable enjeu du site, tant le coté social est présent. Par exemple il est possible d'échanger ses idées, ses favoris ou ses annotations avec des inconnus de la communauté via les forums thématiques. WindowsLiveWriter_Delintrtdegardersessignetsenligne_B21E_delicious_logo_3 Delicious: simplicité et austérité. Soyons clairs, Delicious n'est vraiment pas joli à regarder, et sur ce point Diigo le bat à plate couture. La page d'accueil est constituée de la liste des sites les plus populaires. Le message est clair: ici on sauvegarde ses favoris, on l
David McGavock

Social Bookmarking in Plain English - Common Craft - Our Product is Explanation - 76 views

    "Social Bookmarking in Plain English"
    "Social Bookmarking in Plain English"
Maggie Tsai

Screencast tip: How to make Diigo + Delicious work together - 65 views

    Thanks Maggie, it was just what I was looking for. :-)
Tamara Connors

Digitally Speaking / Social Bookmarking and Annotating - 58 views

  • Diigo's "group forums" are threaded, allowing users to start new strands or to reply to strands started by others.
  • powerful learning depends on the quality of the conversation that develops around the content being studied together. 
  • This handout--including a description of each role and a group sign-up sheet---can be used with student social bookmarking efforts: Handout_SocialBookmarkingRoles.pdf
  • ...5 more annotations...
  • Captain Cannonball should find four or five key points in a shared reading to highlight and craft initial questions for other readers to consider
  • hallenging the thinking of peers in the conversation.  Directly responding to comments made by others, the Provocateur works to remind everyone that there are two sides to every story.    
  • for connections.  Middle Men
  • question statements made and conclusions drawn throughout a shared reading.
  • dentify important "takeaways" that a group can learn from
    Fred, What an incredible resource. It has changed my thinking about collaborative annotation technologies. Thank you! -tbf Todd Finley
    The driving force behind the Web 2.0 revolution is a spirit of intellectual philanthropy and collective intelligence that is made possible by new technologies for communication, collaboration and information management.  One of the best examples of collective intelligence in action are the wide range of social bookmarking applications that have been embraced in recent years.
Robin Hawley-Brillante

Saving from delicious to diigo - 156 views

Thanks Marianne! But I don't understand -- the google doc link I included in my original message shows you how to automatically save from diigo to delicious, but not from delicious to diigo. Whic...

diigo skills delicious social_bookmarking

Emily Mann

STinSchools » home - 0 views

    Outstanding collection of resources for Systems Thinking simulations and information.
Bronwyn Davies - 0 views

    Second Life
Dana Huff

Allowing Diigo to Play Nice w... - 1 views

    Description of how to get your Diigo and Delicious to sync up. Maybe now I'll use Diigo more.

WebTools4u2use - home - 18 views

    a wiki space created by school library media specialists  for school library media specialists--but with great ideas for the rest of us.
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