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Warren Apel

TinkerPlots 2 - 106 views

    New version of Tinkerplots came out recently. Includes more probability tools, better tiling, and sized-scale icons (bubble charts.)
Lisa DuFur

Mapping America - Census Bureau 2005-9 American Community Survey - - 40 views

    Browse local data from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, based on samples from 2005 to 2009. Because these figures are based on samples, they are subject to a margin of error, particularly in places with a low population, and are best regarded as estimates. Create tons of lessons around this data. WOW
Gary Bertoia

Data Reveals Stories: Part One | Why do data differently? - Ewan McIntosh | Digital Med... - 1 views

    Great series on Data 
Roland Gesthuizen

Don't confuse data with intelligence | TechRepublic - 49 views

    "Facts, figures, and complex calculations based on data are important, but they are not intelligence. The amazing recent events in the Middle East have brought home an important distinction between data and intelligence that is particularly relevant for IT and organizations as a whole"
    Good reasons why we need to be careful with just drilling down into our data mountains whilst ignoring that the rules have changed.
Phil Brown

Google Reader - 37 views

    Interesting data set from Charles Blow's weekend NYT column on the U.S., an "Empire at the End of Decadence"
Jim Connolly

The Best Resources Showing Why We Need To Be "Data-Informed" & Not "Data-Driven" | Larr... - 115 views

    Data should "inform" decision making in schools, not "drive" it.
Phil Brown

Data Resources Online for Project Based Teaching and Learning - 109 views

    Some great sites to locate data for student projects
Jennifer Jensen

Collaborative Pumpkin Project - 65 views

    This free project has classrooms using three pumpkins - students will first make estimates and then take various measurements of each pumpkin. They will then count the seeds contained within each pumpkin. All data, other than estimates, will be posted via a GoogleDoc. As pumpkin data begins to be uploaded, classes can begin analyzing the data shared by all.
Melissa Enderle

SHOW®/WORLD - A New Way To Look At The World - 150 views

    Interactive mapping website that takes demographic, economic, environmental, and political data sets and creates maps based on those data. Size of each country changes based on the particular data. Downloadable and embeddable.
    A visual way of looking at statistics
Ruth Sinker

the Data Liberation Front - 38 views

    The Data Liberation Front is an engineering team at Google whose singular goal is to make it easier for users to move their data in and out of Google products.  We do this because we believe that you should be able to export any data that you create in (or import into) a product.  We help and consult other engineering teams within Google on how to "liberate" their products.  This is our mission statement:
    Central location for information on how to move your data in and out of Google products. 
Jay Swan

DNA Subway - 42 views

    Fast Track to Gene Annotation and Genome Analysis - This site ties together key bioinformatics tools and databases used to annotate genes and analyze genome data. Roll over any of the "stations" on the subway map to find out more about the analysis steps.
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