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Nigel Coutts

The art of modern writing - The Learner's Way - 53 views

    Learning to write is one of the fundamental skills we gain from our time at school. Writing is one of the cornerstones of learning and we devote significant time and energy towards its mastery. Skilled writing is a mark of an educated individual and a skill required for academic success. But in the modern world what makes a skilled writer? What has changed about writing and what literary skills should we focus our attention on. 

Feature: How One School Turned Minecraft into STEAM - 38 views

    A primary school in England used Minecraft for a whole school, cross-curriculum project. Inspiring stuff.
Meredith Johnson

Poetica - 50 views

shared by Meredith Johnson on 17 Apr 14 - No Cached
    Whether you're writing a blog post, email, or job application, an extra pair of eyes can really help get your message across. Poetica makes it easy to ask friends and colleagues for instant feedback on your text. It's for anything you're struggling to write, anywhere on the web.
Steve Gall - 84 views

shared by Steve Gall on 19 Oct 12 - Cached
    Imagine a different kind of writing assignment: have your students use to co-author their own critical edition of an essay or story, inside that essay or story.
Deborah Baillesderr

BoomWriter - Schools - 7 views

    BoomWriter is a supremely engaging creative writing website that has students reading, writing and assessing content in ways they've never done before!

interactive illimitably - Choose an unique writing style and paint chat on this online ... - 2 views

    Collaborate on a project by drawing in a chat room.

Etherpad - 5 views

shared by fachdidaktik on 16 May 12 - Cached
Stacy Olson

Entri | Free & Simple Collaborative Document Sharing Tool - 2 views

    Entri is a free collaborative tool for writing and sharing documents. Say you are writing an article for your blog and you want to share with your readers before you publish it to get feedback and allow changes.
Martin Burrett

ThumbScribes - 112 views

    This is a great site for encouraging writers to create stories, poems and songs collaboratively. The site limits how much a user can write and can invite friends or the public to continue and edit a piece of writing.
Martin Burrett

QikPad - Instant Collaboration Tool - 113 views

    One of a host of Etherpad inspired collaborative notepads, but with a few little extra features, like being able to make a link to a read only page.
marlene hardin

BoomWriter | Read, Write, Compete... And Get Published! - 123 views

    Boom Writer blends creative writing and social media technology to provide a competitive writing platform that is integrated into the national education curriculum. The goal is to give schools a platform for a more engaging creative writing process, give teachers a tool that focuses their students on creative writing techniques and all the students have fun in the process. With a slick and easy to use interface, Boom Writer is a worth while tool for writing in the classroom.
Carol Mortensen

Redliner - Solve the Frustrations of Document Collaboration and Approval - 50 views

    "Eliminate the frustrations of change tracking and version control within critical documents such as contracts, press releases, ad copy, and other group editing projects. "
Erin Crisp

BoomWriter - Schools - 54 views

    Read, write, vote, read, write, vote again. Students compete with their writing.
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