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Roland Gesthuizen

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: 10 Proven Strategies to Break the Ban and Build ... - 60 views

  • The nice thing, however, about cell phones is that you don’t have to worry about distribution, collection, storage, imaging , and charging of devices. Consider working with your students to develop this plan, you may find that they build a strong, comprehensive policy of which they will take ownership and be more likely to follow.
  • Breaking the ban starts with the building of relationships with key constituents.
    when it comes to preparing students for success in the 21st century you not only have to think outside the ban, sometimes you have to dive in head first and break it. The following is a collection of ideas each teacher implemented to successfully break and/or work within the ban where they teach in an effort to empower students with the freedom to use their cell phones as personal learning devices.
Roland Gesthuizen

9 Wrong And 8 Right Ways Students Should Use Technology | Edudemic - 135 views

    "Technology is a tool. It's not a learning outcome. Too often do we get distracted by all the activities and action we can perform with an iPad or some other device. We can post to Edmodo! Make a Prezi! Post to Facebook! All exciting things, to be sure. But these are not actually learning outcomes .. But they're not really learning. They're using a device."
Roland Gesthuizen

How To Give Your Students a Voice; Advice From Someone Who Tries - 5 views

    "I often find myself discussing "Giving students a voice" in the classroom with people who wonder what I exactly mean.  Sure, giving someone a voice sounds great, but how do I know that I am doing that?  What can I do to do that?  What does it look like?  I am not an expert but here is what it looks like to me."
Jennie Snyder

Getting to Know Your Blog: A Beginner's How-To-Guide | Langwitches Blog - 74 views

    A beginners guide to setting up a classroom blog
Jennie Snyder

Implementing Blogging in the Classroom | Langwitches Blog - 61 views

    Awesome site with lots of information on how to implement blogging in the classroom. 
Darren Jones

HELP. Trying to figure out how to use Diigo in my class. - 54 views

Hi Joshua, I think it's because my sticky note was private. For some reason my Diigolet wouldn't let me add a public one, but if you are able to make your one public that should do it. Hopefully!

Help post it classroom blog open resources

Liane St. Laurent

Rewards of teaching young children to blog SmartBlogs - 53 views

    Great example of blogging in a third grade classroom
    Great example of blogging in a third grade classroom.
Roland Gesthuizen

How Can Teachers Create a Learner-Centered Environment? - Leading From the Classroom - ... - 118 views

  • publishers will need to collaborate more with teachers to be able to create more relevant and meaningful products to support teachers
  • Paper doesn't cut it. A learner centered environment requires technology.
  • Will the public demand this cultural shift in teaching and learning?
    "The Alliance for Excellent Education recently released Culture Shift: Teaching in a Learner-Centered Environment Powered By Digital Learning. The report advocates that a culture shift to a learner centered classroom environment is needed to prepare students to meet the challenges and demands of a global economy"
Steve Ransom

Our Alaska Stories - 51 views

    Great blog chronicling the adventures of an iPad classroom in Alaska. Larry Mitchell, Badger Road ElementarySkip Via, UAF School of Education
Mr Casal

How to Set up a Class Blog in Five Minutes | - 115 views

    The Creative Education Blog
A Gardner

Why Technology Works - Karen Hume - 96 views

  • Scratch a situation where technology is making a positive difference and I think you will find that the benefits derive from the same characteristics found in an effective tech-free classroom
  • Nevertheless, since some teachers are getting stellar results, it’s worth considering what it is about technology that does sometimes boost student engagement and achievement
Holly Barlaam

Best Teacher Blogs - 110 views

    A list of the "best" teacher blogs
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