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Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom - Teacher Tech - 38 views

    Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom

See the history of changes made to a file - Docs editors Help - 29 views

  • If you want to see the changes you and others have made to a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing, you can check the revision history.
  • Reverting to a previous version of a document doesn't eliminate any versions, but it moves this previous version to the top of your revision history.
    Important! When accessing Revision History and 'Restoring a Previous Version', no changes are 'eliminated!' The selected version is simply moved to the top of the revision history panel. This is huge: it means that students can't inadvertently (or intentionally) remove edits that form the history of the collaborative document!

Extensions, Add Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom | EdSurge ... - 108 views

    • Sarra Lev
      Present.Me is very expensive for a small operation
  • cartoon-explained videos
  • collaborative video projects online
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  • annotate notes and embed them in the video
  • Find videos
  • crop videos, add your voice, and embed quizzes and open-ended discussion questions

Google Classroom: Let's Make the Grade | Teacher Tech - 55 views

    Alice Keeler gives a step by step guide to grading in Google Classroom -- plus how to export grades to your gradebook.

Extensions and Web Apps - Chromebook Classroom - 104 views

    Explanations for what an app and an extension are as well as great list of links.
    Great list of extensions and apps for use in the classroom

Google's Classroom: A Sneak Peek | Burlington High School Help Desk - 85 views

  • it is device agnostic
  • t Classroom converts a ten step (or more) workflow down to one simple step. She made several references to Classroom eliminating many stressors for teachers, especially those who may not be “Google savvy.”
  • Teachers will have the ability to create multiple, if not unlimited, classes in Classroom. Heidi and Paul explained the process is intuitive and within ten minutes students were in Classroom and were able to start using it.
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  • The discussion feature is called the “stream” and Paul said it resembles Google Plus.
    Details on Google Classroom from a teacher who tested it in 2013-14.

Google Connected Classrooms - 117 views

    Virtual field trips via Google+ Hangouts.

Interesting Ways | The Curious Creative - 85 views

    Deceptively simple design with clickable links leading to a wealth of ideas! Dig in!
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