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Jac Londe

Blink if your brain needs a rest - 29 views

  • Why do we spend roughly 10 percent of our waking hours with our eyes closed - blinking far more often than is actually necessary to keep our eyeballs lubricated? Scientists have pried open the answer to this mystery
  • While telling a lie, liars have been found to blink less - possibly because the act of deception requires rapt and uninterrupted attention to pull it off. In the seconds after telling a lie, however, the liar will blink far more frequently than a truth-teller. Perhaps the resulting downtime is necessary for the liar to consider whether the deceived person was buying the fib - or whether it was worth telling in the first place. 
Jac Londe

Brain-Art Competition 2011 - 37 views

  • The Brain-Art Competition
  • In order to recognize the beauty and creativity of artistic renderings emerging from the neuroimaging community, we are launching the first annual Brain-Art Competition. Countless hours are devoted to creation of informative visualizations for communicating neuroscientific findings. This competition aims to recognize the artistic creativity of our community that often goes unappreciated in the publication process.
  • We are inviting researchers to submit their favorite unpublished works for entry.  Both team and single-person entries are welcomed. The competition will have four award categories: 1)Best 3-Dimensional Brain Rendering 2)Best Representation of the Human Connectome 3)Best Abstract Brain Illustration 4)Best Humorous Brain Illustration
Jac Londe

Spider Scribe - 140 views

    I've been using MindMeister, but I like the looks and functions of this one. Thanks, I'll take it for a spin...
Jac Londe

CBC News - Health - Brain simulates actions in stories as a person reads: study - 34 views

  • Brain simulates actions in stories as a person reads: study
  • What scientists discovered was that parts of the brain associated with certain activities described in the story would light up as the person read those sections.
  • This study suggests that readers do mental simulation when they comprehend a story,"
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