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Tricks Guys Can't Do | Girls Can't WHAT? - 4 views

  • Actually, it’s because of ‘center of gravity’. Women carry ‘weight’ literally in their hips. That’s where we balance from, that’s why the bones in our legs point outward from the knee up. Men and women aren’t that different in muscle strength, etc. BUT: The different center of gravity in a woman’s hips versus a man’s upper body will make it so its a cinch for women and men can’t rebalance their upper body while holding onto the chair.

How to Make a Fork and Spoon Appear to Defy Gravity: 7 steps - 1 views

  • An alternative technique is to use two forks and put a quarter (or other medium-sized coin) between the middle slot of the two forks when they are held together and balance this in the same way
  • Yet another alternative: Create the fork and spoon "boomerang" with one matchstick as before. Stick another matchstick upright in the top of a heavy salt shaker. Balance one matchstick on the point of the other. If you're lucky, the center of gravity will work so as to allow you to balance the point of one matchstick on the point of the other at close to a 90-degree angle. This one takes a bit of experimentation.
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