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Kasey Bell

Cat Adventures - 36 views

    Check out this students blog! He started it in 2nd grade! Awesome example!

Vote for your favourite UK Educational Blog - 1 views

    A great list of UK Edu Bloggers
Tanya Hudson

Reproducible: Leaving Good Blog Comments - 51 views

    From Teaching the iGeneration (c) 2010 Solution Tree Press Download at
Kelvin Thompson

a mother blog: "Blogging the VT Honors Residential College" - 2 views

    An example of the "mother blog" concept in an implementation of student blogging in the residential honors college at Virginia Tech. (Posts from all student blogs are aggregated on this blog as well as links to the blogs/comments themselves.) Some stunning examples of student blogs. Particularly see the blog "Catching Up."
N Carroll

What Makes a Great Blog Post:Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators,... - 1 views

    Great Glog sharing what "Makes a Great BLOG".
Steve Ransom

Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter - - 30 views

  • too busy to write lengthy posts
  • uninspired by a lack of readers
  • social networking did a good enough job keeping them in touch with friends and family
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • Blogs went largely unchallenged until Facebook reshaped consumer behavior with its all-purpose hub for posting everything social. Twitter, which allows messages of no longer than 140 characters, also contributed to the upheaval.
  • quick updates
  • If you’re looking for substantive conversation, you turn to blogs
  • With blogging you have to write
  • Some people write some phrases or some quotes, but that’s it
  • bloggers often use Facebook and Twitter to promote their blog posts to a wider audience. Rather than being competitors, he said, they are complementary.
  • While the younger generation is losing interest in blogging, people approaching middle age and older are sticking with it.
    The gist of this is that blogging takes 2 much time & thought... with the younger more interested in quick soundbytes and informal social interaction
Ed Webb

e-IR - 0 views

shared by Ed Webb on 11 Aug 09 - Cached
Ed Webb

C. Wright Mills on blogging | Savage Minds - 0 views

  • On Intellectual Craftmanship. I was amazed how clearly the reasons why scholars blog were laid out in the opening paragraphs. In what follows I have changed none of Mills’s original language except for replaced ‘journal’ and ‘file’ with ‘website’ and ‘blog’. Clearly Mills didn’t envision the files he advocates as public documents, but other than that the parallels are uncanny
Holly Barlaam

Blogs on Educational Blogging - 4 views

  • Technology Integration Specialist, New Prague
    Great List of Educational Blogs
    a huge list of links to blogs about educational blogging
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