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Elizabeth Resnick

Blogging as Pedagogy: Facilitate Learning | Langwitches Blog - 41 views

    Blogging supports 4 areas: Reading, Writing, Reflecting, Sharing.
Michele Brown

Nanoogo - Home of the Most Creative Kids on the Planet - 75 views

shared by Michele Brown on 02 Nov 13 - No Cached
    This site encourages children to be creative and share ideas. It's a cross between a blog and a digital canvas and formatting is really simple. Users just drag and drop the images and text however they wish. There is also a teacher sign up option, which lets you quickly add a whole class or school.
Don Doehla

BlogBooker - Blog Book - 59 views

    Make a booklet from a blog
Serene Pleasant

Student Blogs: Digital Portfolios | Primary Tech - 76 views

    • Beverly Ozburn
      Student Blogging has become a wonderful way for students to write reflectively, add notes to remember later, or study for a test.
  • Students can build their blogging “skill set”.
    Using blogs in classroom for literacy as well as digital fluency.
    wonderufl primary staudent blogging site

Learning through blogging as part of a connectivist MOOC | Sue Waters Blog - 70 views

    More by Edublogger Sue Waters. especially good for beginners.
Jennie Snyder

Blogging With Students | Edublogs Teacher Challenges - 79 views

    wonderful guidance from edublogger editor Sue Waters
    Clear, step by step process for starting a classroom blog.
Jennie Snyder

Getting to Know Your Blog: A Beginner's How-To-Guide | Langwitches Blog - 74 views

    A beginners guide to setting up a classroom blog
Jennie Snyder

Implementing Blogging in the Classroom | Langwitches Blog - 61 views

    Awesome site with lots of information on how to implement blogging in the classroom. 
Miriam Martin

Kidblog - 3 views

    Safe and simple blogs for your students.
Liane St. Laurent

Rewards of teaching young children to blog SmartBlogs - 53 views

    Great example of blogging in a third grade classroom
    Great example of blogging in a third grade classroom.
Leslie G. Perry

School Shuts Down Elementary Student's Blog On Cafeteria Food (Update: Ban Lifted!) | E... - 35 views

    The impact of blogging - a real audience and a chance to engage with an authentic audience.
Alias Librarian

The Ultimate Guide to The Use of Blogs in Teaching ~ Educational Technology and Mobile ... - 208 views

  • Blogging is one of the eventual realization of web 2.0 technologies. It is the driving engine behind this online information revolution. Thousands of blogs are created everyday and for different purposes. Some people blog to make money, some to share their voice with the world, some to immortalize their life events and diaries, and others blog just to vex and scam people.
Kelvin Thompson

a mother blog: "Blogging the VT Honors Residential College" - 2 views

    An example of the "mother blog" concept in an implementation of student blogging in the residential honors college at Virginia Tech. (Posts from all student blogs are aggregated on this blog as well as links to the blogs/comments themselves.) Some stunning examples of student blogs. Particularly see the blog "Catching Up."
Bochi 23

Blog from you iPhone - 0 views

    It's easy to use Blogger on your iPhone (and android, too I imagine)... this post only discusses iPhone.
Martin Burrett

Blog the Leap Year - 53 views

shared by Martin Burrett on 16 Jan 12 - No Cached
    Mark 29th Feb by getting your class to take part in the world's biggest blogging project.
Peter Beens

Comments4Kids: Does Commenting Make a Difference? - 29 views

  • I have written about why I think blogging and commenting about blogs are an essential part of learning today in Kaia and Room 10 - Why Blogging and Commenting on Blogs Are So Important.
    I have written about why I think blogging and commenting about blogs are an essential part of learning today in Kaia and Room 10 - Why Blogging and Commenting on Blogs Are So Important.
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