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danthomander - 24 views

    Nice article defining standards and curriculum and mapping the connections between them. Gives five "big ideas" for converting from the CCSS to a curriculum effectively.
Don Doehla

The Best 1:1 Device is a Good Teacher | Edutopia - 56 views

    "Over the course of two years, I, along with the Burlington Public Schools tech team, had the opportunity to meet and connect with over one hundred schools. These discussions would usually involve what device works best in the classroom and how the iPad is affecting teaching and learning outcomes. Frequently this conversation focuses on the most effective hardware for teaching and learning. While this is an important decision to make, it should not be the focus. In fact, the best devices a school can employ are great teachers."
Mike Dunagan

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers | PARCC - 5 views

    This will be the future tests that will be required starting 2014
Tim Jefferson

Solo Taxonomy - 7 views

    SOLO was first described by Kevin Collis and John Biggs in 1982, updated in 2007.
Beth Panitz

Core Knowledge® Foundation - 3 views

    FREE DOWNLOAD of Core Knowledge Curriculum Sequence, including lists of grade-appropriate texts and examples for creating assessments.
Roland Gesthuizen

the five stages of grading | not that kind of doctor - 108 views

    "In coping with grading, it's important for graduate students and young professors to know that they are not alone and that this process takes time. Not everyone goes through every stage or processes the reality of grading in this order, but everyone experiences some version of at least two of these steps."
    This article lists the experience that most teachers go through over a weekend when they are faced with a huge marking task, clearly identifying the 5 different stages that they will probably go through.

4Teachers : Tools - 222 views

    tech tools for teachers!
Jenny McAvoy-Anteau

Rubrics and Rubric Makers - 123 views

    We have all the rubrics you need and the tools to create your own rubrics.
Kimberly LaPrairie

SimpleK12 - 3 views

    SimpleAssessment Free assessment to test the technology proficiency of students. SimpleTechLearning Tools to help teachers develop skills to lead students in 21st century classrooms. SimpleSchoolSafety Free school safety resources to protect against H1N1, bloodborne pathogens, and MRSA. SimpleTechIntegration Teacher-to-teacher community for sharing classroom resources and free tech tools. Protecting Students Curriculum to educate and keep students, staff, and teachers safe on the Internet and with cell phones.
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